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On the awakening of the Fairy

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  • On the awakening of the Fairy

    Second Moon
    Twenty-first Day

    Good Denziens of Marrach;

    In accordance with the will of the Court Chronicler, and with only the humblest hopes to prove of service to the denizens of Her Majesty's Castle Marrach, I here by scribe the events of the Awakening of a Fairy.

    At Eight Late Bells, members and those who took interest in the Keepers of the Unvield gathered in the Lecture Hall, for what was deemed a "very important meeting". Rikka then told all present that the meeting was going to be moved, and the crowd moved to the Keepers Room. Present were Sergeant Lucus, sera Rikka, sera Lalaine, sera Kestrel, sera Tsirona, ser Andrew, Mistress Avaria, and this Chronicler. Later to be joined by Chronicler Emerick and ser Luthar.

    The purpose of the meeting was to present a special project the keepers had been working on. "We were given the task to figure out how to get a fairy out of a book. And well the oil and the like is pretty hard to come by but after a while we finally got the oil and the oil 'as finally soaked it so much that the lock that 'olds the book closed is ready to be opened" said Rikka.

    The book appeared to be old for it was brittle and contained sixteen pages and had a rusted copper lock keeping it closed. It was embossed with a faded fairy. It appeared to have evidence of attempts to open prior to it's discovery. The book had come, indirectly from the refuse room. There was a debate as to whether the book was to stay with the Keepers or the be sent to the archives. As of right now the Keeper's have poessession of it.

    The a ward was placed on the floor of the Keepers room to keep the fairy from escaping and to keep those present away from harm.

    Sera Rikka then used two needles to successfully open the lock, holding the book closed. The book violently opened and four pages and a corpse of a fairy tumbled to the ground. The fairy appeared to be very tiny, and very squashed. She had flowing blue hair and pair of transparent wings that extended from her back had been flattened in the book. The fairy blinked, the appeared lifeless again. There were many attempts to revive the fairy, such as fanning her, and wiggling flowers at her, she only seemed slightly responsive. This Chronicler stepped to the fairy to get a better look, in which she promptly responded with a bite to my nose. The fairy then appeared lifeless again. It seemed to respond to the words in the language of Teanga that ser Andrew spoke.

    There was very much discussion as to what to do with the fairy. Where to hold her so she would be safe. There were many suggestions. What decision was made is not known to this Chronicler.

    After various bitings sera Rikka and Chronicler Emerick decided to wipe away the ward placed on the floor. This chronicler was tasked with calming the cat present, so it would not harm the fairy. Once the ward was gone the fairy seemed quite lively and quickly dissappeared, then reappeared again. Without the ward present the fairy had a distinct aura about her. The fairy immediately tried to get out the window, but found it a dead end. The fairy took interest in ser Andrew's forget-me-nots and his wine, completely bathing herself in it, and drinking its entirety. The gray cat then took interest in the little fairy and this Chronicler wrestled with it, until it left. Teanga was continued to be spoken to the fairy and she responded by repeating the sounds excitedly. The fairy made her rounds to everyone present, picking on them in some way, such as pulling on sera Lalaine's eyelashes. The fairy was quite enthralled with shiny things and candy.

    Once suggested that the ward be reapplied to the room, the fairy quickly teleported herself out. She eventually made her way to a crowded courtyard in the outerbailey. She visited with the denizens who continuously offered her gifts.

    The fairy is now a resident of the castle and is being held safely somewhere unbeknownst to this Chronicler. If any wish any more knowledge on the fairy you may seek Chronicler Emerick and sera Rikka.

    As always, this chronicler apologizes for any and all errors or omissions, and seeks only to be informed of them so that they might be corrected as efficiently as possible.
    Senior Chronicler Ryley