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  • Ardor Day - Inner Tourney

    15th Day, 10th Moon, Year Seven of the Recent Awakenings

    The Ardor Day Inner Sword Tourney

    To the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Castle Marrach: in accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit the chronicle The Inner Sword Tourney.

    Early in the evening on this Ardor Day, denizens gathered for the second Tourney of the holiday. As participants and spectators gathered, Sir Howe asked each participant the same single question: "For whom do you fight today?" And he was answered in accordance with each person's situation and nature:
    • Dame Umichan fights for the love of Our Queen
    • Sir Lucus fights for the love of his fiancée, sera Rikka
    • Squire Pete fights for his love of the Duelists
    • Sergeant Cordon fights for his love of Sera Natasha
    • ser Fezwin fights for the love and favor of sera Allenya
    • sera Elisandra fights for True Love
    • sera Eleren fights for the precepts of truth, honor, and loyalty
    • ser Rand fights for the Truth, and the love of it, and the pursuit of it

    Sir Howe explained the rules of this Tourney: the first person to two wins, wins this bout. The person who does not win is honorably removed from the tournament. He then declared the Tourney open, declaring "I have inspected these blades, and they are fit for fight."

    The first pair to contend were ser Rand and Squire Pete. In each of two spirited bouts, the Squire prevailed. Ser Rand acknowledged "It's always a pleasure to lose to a superior swordsman," to which the good Squire replied "Oi moit be more skilled, but yer courage an' yer darin' are anyone's equal." Therefore ser Rand was dismissed, and Squire Pete would move forward into the next round.

    The next participants called were sera Eleren and Sir Lucus, who stepped into the center with a will, and set to strongly. Their first bout was remarkable both for verve and speed. In their second bout, they paused not at all, smoothly and swiftly flashing their blades. In each bout,Sir Lucus slipped his blade past sera Eleren's guard, though, and thus won the right to progress to another round.

    Sera Elisandra and ser Fezwin claimed the center next, cheerfully wishing each other well. Their first bout was a long and heated exchange, though at length ser Fezwin prevailed. The second bout, however, was carried by sera Elisandra, who neatly exploited an opening, and therefore they set to a third and final time, where they displayed an athletic dedication to strength and motion, agilely chasing each other the length and breadth of the ballroom. Sera Elisandra won the third bout, and therefore would progress to the next round, admitting ruefully "We'd have -- been on -- the balcony -- soon."

    The final participants in the first round, Dame Umichan and Sergeant Cordon took the floor, and set to most willingly. Their bouts were lively displays of martial strength and ability, and each of them was victorious in one. Commenting about the skill and dedication displayed: "Daunting,", said sera Elisandra. Their third bout began with a swift exchange of strong blows and rapid counters. Finally it was Sergeant Cordon who prevailed, winning the right to progress.

    Sir Howe, directing the Tourney, then called for a pause from the fighting for one chime, inviting folk to partake of simple refreshments provided: fruits and water, noting that they had been thoroughly checked and were free of contamination.

    After a suitable interval, the next round was called, to determine the three winners of the tournament: first, second, and third place. There would be two bouts, to decide who would have the right to fight for first place. The two who do not win would compete for third place. The first to contend were Sir Lucus and Squire Pete. Springing at each other, they fought with grace and style, showing the spectators the highest level of competence. Sir Lucus prevailed in two bouts, and would therefore progress yet another level.

    Next, sera Elisandra and Sergeant Cordon faced each other. In their first bout, remarkable for its brevity, sera Elisandra startled the Sergeant, the spectators, and herself by skewering her opponent just after his first strike. "The riposte. Never works, except when it does," she quipped. In their second bout, another very quick one, Sergeant Cordon's blade struck sera Elisandra almost equally promptly. Their third bout stretched a bit longer, with the final victory going to sera Elisandra. Noted Sir Lucus "This is the woman who said she couldn't compete because she was too rusty."

    Sir Howe then called Sergeant Cordon and Squire Pete to the center, so that the third-place winner might be decided. Their blades moved flashingly, and in due course, Squire Pete prevailed. At this point, His Excellency Lord Boreas joined the spectators, desiring that the Tourney continue, and so Sergeant Cordon and the Squire began their second round, which was finally won by the Sergeant. Thus they entered their third and final bout, which would decide which of them would take third place in the Tourney. After a long and hotly contested bout, it was Squire Pete who emerged the victor, and was immediately proclaimed the third-place winner of the Tourney.

    In the last contest of the day, Sir Lucus faced sera Elisandra in the center of the room. In two bouts, Sir Lucus prevailed, and thus was the winner of the Tourney known. The contestants exchanged sincere appreciation for each other's skills, and the spectators cheered and applauded sincerely. His Excellency descended to the floor of the ballroom to congratulate both sera Elisandra, the second-place winner, and Sir Lucus, the first-place winner of the Tourney.

    Surprising all present, His Excellency invited Sir Lucus to spar with him: "Feeling winded, Sir Lucus... or are you game to go again, with myself?" Answered Sir Lucus "I am ever ready, Your Excellecy." Beckoning Squire Pete, Lord Boreas gave him his scabbard and sword to hold, so as not to be encumbered nor armed with live metal, and, loosening his doublet, asked for the rebated swords. When asked whether this would be a single bout, or two, or three, Lord Boreas declared "I will let Sir Lucus decide." After the briefest of pauses, Sir Lucus decided "best of three," and the two began promptly.

    Tucking his left hand behind his back, Lord Boreas fought one-handedly, wielding his steel practice sword with precision. Sir Lucus preferred a two-handed stance. The first bout was notably brief, and fell to His Excellency. The second bout was much longer, distinguished by swordsmanship of the highest level. At length, though, Lord Boreas pressed forward while Sir Lucus attempted to catch his breath - and slashed his opponent. His Excellency immediately extended his right hand to Sir Lucus, praising his abilities: "You have talent, Sir Lucus. Genuine. I applaud you for that."

    Sir Howe, assisted by sera Chorus, prepared to present the prizes to the winners of this Tourney. Saying to Squire Pete "You have shown the ability to defend, and express what you love on this day. Please accept these tokens as you have honorably achieved third place," he was given a bronze laurel wreath, and a bronze satin handkerchief. Squire Pete spoke clearly "For all that those that have taught me, for all those Oi 'ave taught. For all those that I have fought besoide an' learned to call brother an' sisters in arms, Oi thank ye and accept these tokens." Sera Chorus kissed the Squire on his cheek, asking "Congratulations, Squire. And in the spirit of the day, if you are not already going to the ball, I hope you honor me with an escort," to which he blushingly assented.

    Calling sera Elisandra to the dais, Sir Howe presented her with a silver laurel wreath, and a silver satin handkerchief. "True love, my hope, and the hope of all," smiled the good sera, as the wreath was placed on her head. Kneeling before her Sir Howe kissed her knuckles, and asked "In the spirit of the day, if you have no escort to the ball, I would be honored to escort you." Sera Elisandra replied in the affirmative.

    At last, Sir Lucus was called forward, so that Lady Avaria could present his prize: a gold laurel wreath, and a gold satin handkerchief. Settling the golden wreath on his sky-blue hair, she also chastely kissed his cheek, asking "In the spirit of the day, if you have no escort to the ball, I would be honored to escort you - though I suspect you may be spoken for." As expected, Sir Lucus declined her Ladyship's offer, as he would be escorting his fiancée, in whose name he fought.

    Then did Sir Howe call Lord Boreas to step forth to accept a prize for being victorious over the winner of the tournament. The First Acolyte sera Adayne stood ready with a gold, silver, and bronze laurel wreath. "I sparred for the sport, Sir Howe, not for prize," replied His Excellency. "But it would be terribly ungracious of me to refuse. I will accept, but I do so only with thanks and in the name of the true victor, Sir Lucus." Sera Adayne then placed the wreath on His Excellency's head, and chastely kissed his forehead in congratulations.

    The evening's Tourney ended thus, with respect offered and freely given to the winners and all the participants.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me any falsehood I may have mistakenly communicated. It is through the preservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Grace and give strength to those that will follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm;

    Jerisa T'arachi Kysarrian, Senior Chronicler