Downtimes: June 24 - July 2nd

We've got another batch of shutdowns coming in late June and early July, so that the machines can be repaired for the newest bug, the ZombieLoad CPU bug.

In general, the Genesis games (Grendel, TEC, TEC-Test) all have reboots scheduled for the absolute middle of the night, so I'll be taking each down the previous evening at midnight and bringing them back up the next morning at 9am.

The SkotOS games have always been more robust about reboots, so we'll let them reboot on their own, though there's some chance for an ~2 hour data loss. In any case, I'll be checking them after the 2-hour window when I can, though Marrach has a middle-of-the-night reboot, so that'll be the next morning.

The UserDB and Web reboots will cause some downtime for the entire site, but again they will hopefully come up cleanly.


- Shutdown Grendel (late Sunday 6/23)

- Startup Grendel (early Monday 6/24)

- Shutdown TEC (late Monday 6/24)

- Startup TEC (early Tuesday 6/25)

- Check TEC Client (9pm Tuesday 6/25)

- Shutdown TEC-Test (late Thursday 6/27)

- Startup TEC-Test (Friday 6/28)


- Marrach (Monday early morning 6/24)

- Ironclaw (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Lovecraft, Lazarus (Monday 8pm-10pm 7/2)


- UserDB (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Web (Sunday 9pm-11pm 6/30)
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The Linguistic Project Assembly

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  • The Linguistic Project Assembly

    9th month, 23rd day, Year Eight of the Recent Awakenings

    The Linguistic Project Assembly

    To the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Castle Marrach;
    In accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, and in upholding the duties charged to me as a Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of The Linguistic Project Assembly

    The purpose of the Linguistic Project Assembly, also called "the Assembly" and abbreviated as the LPA, is to provide structured education of the Castle's known languages to Her Majesty's guests, guild members and civil servants. Through such instruction, the LPA shall help ready individuals to participate in the courtly society of the Inner Bailey, as well as for administrative positions or services required by her Majesty.

    The LPA currently consists of three main groups. The first is the Board that monitors and administers the LPA. The Board currently consists of seras Natasha, who sits as the current director, Tamm, who sits as the current registrar, Alella, who is currently the lead instructor and Cordelia, who is the secretary of the guild.

    The second group consists of the instructors, who notably provide linguistic instruction and also conduct research. Currently, there are eleven instructors, consisting of sers Thaous and Voltamir and seras Helena, Tamm, Alyse, Ezraella, Jerisa, Natasha, Ambra, Emmalyne and Oriele.

    Lastly, there are the Aspirant Instructors whom are still learning the fundamentals of teaching. There are currently no Aspirant Instructors, but the LPA is looking to change that in the near future.

    If an individual wishes to become a student of the LPA they should write to Registrar Tamm with their station upon the chain and their guild affiliations. Also, if an individual wishes to become an aspirant instructor they should send missive to Lead Instructor Alella.

    The LPA has posted guidelines and if a teacher and/or student does not follow them they will be banned from the Assembly.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehood I may have mistakenly communicated.
    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm;
    Voltamir Kysarrian