Downtimes: June 24 - July 2nd

We've got another batch of shutdowns coming in late June and early July, so that the machines can be repaired for the newest bug, the ZombieLoad CPU bug.

In general, the Genesis games (Grendel, TEC, TEC-Test) all have reboots scheduled for the absolute middle of the night, so I'll be taking each down the previous evening at midnight and bringing them back up the next morning at 9am.

The SkotOS games have always been more robust about reboots, so we'll let them reboot on their own, though there's some chance for an ~2 hour data loss. In any case, I'll be checking them after the 2-hour window when I can, though Marrach has a middle-of-the-night reboot, so that'll be the next morning.

The UserDB and Web reboots will cause some downtime for the entire site, but again they will hopefully come up cleanly.


- Shutdown Grendel (late Sunday 6/23)

- Startup Grendel (early Monday 6/24)

- Shutdown TEC (late Monday 6/24)

- Startup TEC (early Tuesday 6/25)

- Check TEC Client (9pm Tuesday 6/25)

- Shutdown TEC-Test (late Thursday 6/27)

- Startup TEC-Test (Friday 6/28)


- Marrach (Monday early morning 6/24)

- Ironclaw (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Lovecraft, Lazarus (Monday 8pm-10pm 7/2)


- UserDB (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Web (Sunday 9pm-11pm 6/30)
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The Guild of Carpenters

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  • The Guild of Carpenters

    17th Day, Tenth Moon, Ninth Year of the Recent Awakenings.

    The Guild of Carpenters

    To the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Castle Marrach: in accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, upholding the duties charged to me as Junior Chronicler, I hereby submit the Chronicle of the Guild of Carpenters.

    On the 16th Day of the Tenth Month, Dame Keyana was kind enough to give this recorder a tour of Carpenters workshops and storage facility. Located beneath the Outer Bailey Dining Hall, the work areas consist of four rooms; the actual work shop, the material storage room, an office and the finished product room.

    Dame Keyana explained that the work area had been here for as long as she was a carpenter, almost three years. The work room was a cluttered but well used space with a lathe, cabinets, a staining worktable, and two large pallets of raw timbers. The storage room was a smaller room laden to the rafters with raw timbers, stains, cabinets, and unfinished pieces. The office was suitably cheerful and warm given the wholly enclosing stone walls. The finished storage area was stacked with finely crafted items, ranging from huge four-poster beds to simple stools. All are awaiting delivery to those who ordered them.

    The Dame explained that the Carpenters Guild was lead by Master Taralyn, and the present ranks included the Dame herself, ser Jayland, Armsman Drark and sera Merrynn. As will all crafting guilds, established guidelines govern the woods, style, carvings and stains that one is allowed to order based on the recipient’s rank. The myriad of available woods, styles, and stains defy brevity, please consult the Carpenters directly for ordering advice.

    Dame Keyana then instructed briefly how items are crafted from receipt of order to finish. The carpenters take raw wood timbers and carve or shape out the necessary components for each piece. The components are assembled and fitted together to form the item. If a carving is required, that is completed before the article is sanded thoroughly. The final step is to stain the finished piece and set it aside to dry. She elaborated that the process takes time and the carpenters do not hurry. They sacrifice speed for precision of work.

    Dame Keyana then took some time to display all the tools of the trade that the Carpenters have at their disposal. Folding rules, wood gouges, chisels, spokeshaves, mallets, hand axes, crowbars and sledgehammers. She instructed that the sledgehammer was used to fasten furniture to the ground by securely hammering the piece with large nails into the stone. The crowbar was the only tool able to pry up those same nails.

    Dame Keyana also noted that applications for learning the noble craft were presently being accepted by interested denizens. Such inquiries should be sent to ser Jayland.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me any falsehood I may have mistakenly communicated. It is through the preservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Grace and give strength to those that will follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm.
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