Twelfth day of the Fourth moon,
Sixteenth Year of Recent Awakenings

In accordance to the will of Her Majesty and the Prince-Regent, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Aspirant Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of
His Royal Highness’s Tournament of Arms

On the Twelfth Day of the Fourth Moon, clashing of swords could be heard loud and clear from the Practice Hall as fifteen brave denizens stepped up to fight in the first Tourney of the year sponsored by His Royal Highness, Prince-Regent Bertram. Recently named Dean of the Royal Collegium, Mistress Euphelia and Castle Marrach’s rising star, ser Keyland worked as an unlikely duo to host this tourney with the publicly acclaimed Dame Galatea as their Marshal.

This Tournament had three tiers, the First for those who were new to the blade, the Second for those who are established with the blade, and the Third for those who have mastered the blade. Due to other contestants not being able to make the date, Mistress Adayne along with seras Terentia, Trenna and Natasha stepped in and agreed to help fill the tiers. Before any sparing was to commence Mistress Euphelia stated the rules loud and clear.

“During elimination rounds, the matches will be decided by the best of three bouts. You only need handle the pre-requisite bowing and honoring your opponent before the first one, for the sake of time, but a salute is expected before each bout. Striking during salute is grounds for loss of that bout. Ungentlemanly behavior such as kicking, punching, spitting and so forth is not permitted either. The good Dame is here today to marshal the tournament, and her word is law.”

The First Tier:

Seras Vessa and Terentia started the first spar, with a swift break of sera Terentia’s guard she was eliminated in three straight bouts.
Ser Kobe and sera Katharin followed, with ser Kobe winning all three bouts.
• Finally sera Vessa and ser Kobe fought to see who would win it all, with ser Kobe winning three out of five and taking the First Tier.

Both finalists were congratulated on their prowess by Mistress Euphelia.

"Truly an exciting match! … Congratulations!”

The Second Tier:
Mistress Brook and sera Trenna started the Second Tier flowing with an exhilarating spar with sera Trenna expertly brushing past the Mistress’ guard, taking all three bouts.
Sera Carla faced off against ser Kobe who was bumped up to the Second Tier, in three clean bouts sera Carla took the win.
Ser Melle and ser Tatch continued in the next spar, moving swiftly, countering and blocking but as it came to an end ser Tatch took the win.
Sera Natasha took the blade up against ser Mitsuko for the next spar. Ser Mitsuko took the win after successfully maneuvering around sera Natasha’s guard three times.
Sera Trenna and sera Carla filled the third to last spar, both seras moved with speed but sera Trenna took the spar, two to one when it was over.
Ser Tatch and ser Mitsuko were up next, ser Tatch did his best to keep up but lost in three straight bouts.
Sera Trenna and ser Mitsuko went on to compete in the final spar of the Second Tier. Sera Trenna bested ser Mitsuko in three consecutive bouts, thus taking the Second Tier.

Just before the final Tier, the practice hall was honored when His Royal Highness arrived to watch the remainder of the Tourney. He took a position next to the Dame and bid the hall to continue on.

Mistress Adayne stepped in on behalf of ser Keyland who was to spar Master Aratan. She felt that it was brave of him to go up against those that had studied the blade much longer than he had and offered to take his place.
He graciously accepted her offer, stirring the crowd’s interest.

The Third Tier:
Mistress Umichan and ser Cordon had the entire audience holding their breaths when the unlikely competitors took the center, it was close but the Mistress was successful.
Ser Mitsuko who moved on to the Third Tier and Mistress Euphelia went next, the Mistress held her own but could not break down ser Mitsuko's guard when it was over.
Sera Trenna, winner of the Second Tier and Master Vincint continued in the next spar, ser Trenna did well going against the Inquisitor but it was not enough, Master Vincint took the spar winning all three bouts.
Master Aratan took the next spar with Mistress Adayne, they moved quickly, counter after counter. Mistress Adayne took the win.
Mistress Umichan and ser Mitsuko took the center next, an exciting and closely fought bout. In the end Mistress Umichan took the win.
Master Vincint and Mistress Adayne stood up next; the whole crowd went silent as they watched to see if the student would defeat the teacher. Ultimately the teacher remained victorious.
Mistress Umichan and ser Alexandr stepped to the center next to take the second to last spar. The bouts were neck and neck but ser Alexandr was not able to best the Mistress.

Mistress Adayne and Mistress Umichan were the final contestants in this tourney. The audience watched raptly as the two women battled back and forth. The expertise and skilled displayed between the two competitors awed the crowd. Both moved lightening fast, countering move after move. In the final bout Mistress Adayne took the win with a total of three out of four and ultimately winning the Third Tier.

Everyone complimented all the contestants, as His Highness honored the competitors with a nod before he took his leave accompanied by sera Rikka. The rest of the crowd quickly dispersed to reconvene at the feast in the Dining Hall where food and drinks were served along with laughter, music and cheery conversation.

This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, Prince-Regent Bertram, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,

Netina Valdamor
Aspirant Chronicler