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The Restoration of Queen Vivienne

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  • The Restoration of Queen Vivienne

    Nineteenth day of the Fifth Moon
    Sixteenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance to the will of Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of the Restoration of Queen Vivienne.

    A small selection of the Castle's denizens were in attendance of a momentous and auspicious event this evening, when in the company of the Prince Regent, the Lord Consort and the Fae Knights of the realm they bore witness to the restoration of Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne, by Her father King Auberich, after a long period of imprisonment and unconsciousness.

    At around the seventh late bell this evening, Mistress Adayne, the First Acolyte of the Faith, travelled across the Bridge to the Outer Bailey to inform those there that His Majesty, King Auberich was on the cusp of beginning His final efforts to restore His daughter, Queen Vivienne. Those with access to the Inner Bailey were asked to travel there and bear witness to this long-awaited occurence, which would mark the end of several years of Her Majesty's magical imprisonment in ice by conspirators yet unknown to the general denizenry. Those that arrived in the Queen's chambers there joined Her Majesty's father, King Auberich, Lord Boreas the Royal Consort, Prince Bertram, Sir Argent, Dame Azure and Dame Or the Fae Knights, the First Acolyte, Doctor Jacicus, Mistress Ezraella and Mistress Heulyn the Royal Handmaidens, Mistress Umichan, Mistress Wilena, sera Rikka and the Queen Herself, though a faint and insubstantial image of Her previous self. Later the assembled were also joined by sera Trenna and ser Atmos of the Conclave, brought there by the magic of Dame Azure, presumably to act as witnesses on behalf of the Duchy.

    Though His Majesty had already freed the Queen from Her imprisonment in ice, Her continued recovery was dependant on the presence of four of the "etherstones": solid repositories of Her Majesty's own dream magic which had come into being during the period of turbulence caused by the overflowing magics of the King and Queen. These etherstones manifested from "rifts" that had appeared throughout the Castle, anomalies which formed the center of a number of visions of the Castle's history. These "echoes" of the past, though sometimes dangerous, were observed and interacted with by the denizens of the Outer and Inner Baileys and the Conclave in order to close the aforementioned rifts and bring forth the etherstones. Further conflict was brought about when the stones caught the interest of powerful enemies of the Crown including the Triangle and the Dark Elf Zaedra, but eventually enough were assembled together for King Auberich to work His magics and restore Her Majesty. The events and efforts that went towards the collection of these stones will be recorded in further chronicles to come.

    The atmosphere in the room was one of concern and great expectance, while those present awaited the conclusion of His Majesty's preparations. Once Dame Or arrived among the others, completing the group, the King was satisfied and began the ritual. First offering His regrets to the Prince and Lord Consort that He had been unable to prevent the return of the Unseelie Princess, Maeve, King Auberich then straightened and began to work the magics that would restore Queen Vivienne to consciousness and vitality. These are His words as His magic came forth and filled the room with golden light.

    "My daughter, I loved you from the moment of your conception. Even when you were but an Idea, a seed nourishing in your mother's warmth, the Thought of you and the love and joy you would bring was almost too much to comprehend, the bear. The light you cast when you came into this world was a blanket of warmth that wrapped around all things. From the crystal halls of Avalon to the far corners of the world, no being was left bereft to your coming. All creatures knew; this is the moment Princess Vivienne was born.

    "And in your presence, I, King of the mightiest of beings, felt humbled. My own will was weakened and my presence dimmed in your own glory. Princess of Men and of Fae alike, I knew then that you were bound for greatness. And you did not disappoint, my daughter. You became a shining beacon of light, for man and fae alike. A radiant sun that rose into the sky and cast away the dark of night. And in this place you founded a shining magical kingdom, filled with those who love and revere you as I do."

    "I am Auberich, King of Avalon, King of Fae. Upon my powers and the Crown of Avalon I bid you, Vivienne, daughter of King Auberich, daughter of Lady Edith, Queen of Ardan, Queen of Dreams, Queen of Men and Fae alike... I bid you... rise... return to us and bathe the world in your light once more."

    As the King said these words, His magics erupted in a climactic surge of euphoric energy which was felt by all of those present. Immediately, visibly, Queen Vivienne's form became more solid and vital, and after but a moment Her Majesty's face revealed that She was beginning to wake. The room lapsed into reverent silence as our Queen opened Her eyes and rose from Her bed for the first time in several years. It was broken when Her Majesty greeted those present, in justified bemusement, with a simple "Hello."

    Though first somewhat confused by the presence of the crowd in Her personal chambers, Queen Vivienne's attention was quickly drawn to the presence of Her father, whose presence in Her Castle was unprecedented in recorded history. Overwhelmed by the presence of Her family and closest servants, Her Majesty gave a gentle laugh of surprise, causing a wave of emotion among those present. Her attention was then turned to Her Handmaidens, Mistress Ezraella and Mistress Heulyn, who approached her with their undisguisable emotion tempered by respectful courtesy. As Her guests began to make their way from the room, leaving the Queen to the company of Her family, She addressed them as a group, saying, "It is entirely odd waking up to so many people in my private chambers, but you all look well and strong, it is a refreshing sight." King Auberich then added to Her Majesty's words, expressing His thanks to the assembled denizens for their help over the past Moons, and asking privacy for the Royal Family. Those present quickly and respectfully assented, expressing their joy and gratitude as they withdrew, leaving the newly-reawoken Queen Vivienne to the company of Her father, son and consort.

    Overwhelmed with the glad tidings, the denizens present quickly dispersed to spread the word of Her Majesty's restoration to any others that were waking, and an impromptu celebration quickly ensued in the Outer Bailey's Dining Hall. Asked later on for an update on the Queen's awakening, Mistress Heulyn stated that "Her Majesty has awoken in good health, and She is quickly working on resuming Her rightful position as our Queen. She of course has been catching up on the things that occurred during Her absence, counseling with His Highness, and is planning to hold a formal Court very soon."

    A date has already been given for the next Royal Court, lead by Her Majesty, on the 28th day of the 6th Moon of this year.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,
    Melle Scheralz
    Senior Chronicler
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