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The Royal Court of the 6th Moon, 16th Year of Recent Awakenings

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  • The Royal Court of the 6th Moon, 16th Year of Recent Awakenings

    Twenty-eighth day of the Sixth Moon
    Sixteenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance to the will of Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of the Royal Court of the 6th Moon, 16th Year of Recent Awakenings.

    Denizens of the Realm both low and high gathered within the Throne Room of the Inner Bailey to-day to bear witness to a most noteworthy Royal Court, the first to be held by Queen Vivienne since her restoration from magical entrapment, and perhaps the only Court in our Castle's history to be honoured by the presence of Her Majesty's Father, King Auberich. Of particular note were edicts regarding the formation of a new group dedicated to the Castle's defence, the reformation of a group previously disbanded, changes to laws applying to sorcerers and users of magic, and changes to the Chivalry concerning the results of the previous Knight's Challenge.

    People began to gather within the Throne Room around the second Late Bell in expectance of the arrival of Queen Vivienne, King Auberich, Prince Bertram and Lord Boreas and the formal beginning of the second Royal Court of the year. Soon afterward the arrival of the Royal party was announced by the Court's Speaker and Herald, sera Meryl, who bid the assembled denizenry “kneel before Queen Vivienne, Sovereign Monarch of Castle Marrach! Long May She Reign!”

    Her Majesty's entrance, accompanied by the Prince, the Lord Consort and their respective entourages, was met with a fanfare by Pursuivant Herald sera Merrynn, before those present bore witness to their Sovereign ascending to the Ice Throne in a long-awaited symbolic return. Before taking Her seat, Queen Vivienne was joined on the royal dais by Her father, King Auberich, whose appearance was itself heralded by a flash of golden light. Arrayed with Her father, son and consort, Her Majesty bade the kneeling Throne Room, “Please rise and be at ease.”

    “Courtiers of the Winter Court, Our Knights, Our Nobles, and those visiting from Our Outer Bailey... welcome to Royal Court,” She continued, addressing those present. “We know it has been some time since We have sat on Our Throne directly to oversee Court. We are pleased to be back in place once more to oversee Our Court and Our Home.”

    “We also understand that a great many trials were faced in Our absence, and a great many stories told. Many of these We are still being apprised of, and will continue to familiarize Ourselves with until all that has come to pass is known by Us,” Her Majesty went on, speaking perhaps chiefly of the period of disturbance that accompanied Her restoration by King Auberich. “We express Our thanks to the great many who have risked their own health and safety over the course of the last three moons, and faced many trials to see Us returned here. It is warming to Our heart to hear tales of such dedication.”

    With that, Queen Vivienne began on the business of Court, first making two announcements regarding Her own Royal Household. The first was that Royal Artist Mistress Brook had been granted the role of Royal Handmaiden to Her Majesty, and that another such position was yet open to any worthy individuals that might present themselves. The second was regarding the recently announced Tournament to be held by Royal Champion Lord Sicard, with the aim of filling the role of Her Majesty's Royal Equerry. Speaking of the Tournament, Queen Vivienne said, “We trust that many of martial inclination will enter and compete in Our Name and in celebration of Our Return, regardless of interest in or chances of winning the Equerry position.” Continuing on the subject, Her Majesty expressed that “It has also been put to Us that there has been some discussion or encouragement of attempting to "fix" the results of this tournament, by together selecting a preferred Champion from within the Court and taking steps to ensure that that individual wins Our tournament and succeeds as Royal Equerry. We make it known that any attempts to spoil the nature of this event would displease Us greatly, and We hope We were ill informed on this matter.”

    Moving onto other business, Her Majesty spoke of the short time between the current Court and the preceding one. Explaining that henceforth there would be more occasions for Court within the year in order to facilitate the promotions of those deserving and encourage activity and progress, She said that “It is Our hope that those seeking such advancements will bear this information in mind and strive to prove themselves worthy of the positions they desire within Our home." The next item was the announcement of the addition of a position of Royal Ambassador to the Great Chain of Being, a member of the Office of Heraldry responsible for matters of diplomatic relations and answerable to His Highness Prince Bertram, who was responsible the recent treaty with the Duchy of Rumiss, otherwise known as the Conclave.

    Before proceeding further, Queen Vivienne gave the floor over to His Majesty King Auberich, who rose to address the assembled denizens on a few matters of significance, first greeting them and introducing himself. “As you are all inescapably aware by now, I am King Auberich, Regent Lord by right of the fae realm of Avalon, and King over all Faekind,” he stated, continuing “But more importantly, father to your beloved Queen, Her Majesty Queen Vivienne. It is in that role of father that I was sought to assist you all in bringing Her back to health and placing Her back, rightfully, upon Her throne - a throne I bequeathed to Her many years ago."

    “In my time here I have had the pleasure of observing a realm where My Daughter is loved and revered as the kind and wise ruler that I always knew She would grow to be. There is no greater privilege to a father than to see his daughter grow up to become the loved and respected being She was destined to be. However, having completed the task I set out to, it is with some regret that I cannot stay in this realm and in the presence of My Daughter longer,” announced His Majesty. “However, I have My own realm to rule and duties which call Me back to My own home; it does not bode well to leave the seat of Avalon cold for too long.”

    Having made this declaration, the King began to spoke of His concerns for the Realm and His daughter the Queen, remarking on magical threats such as the Nightmare, the Triangle and the long-dormant First Sorcerer. Expressing regret that He would be unable to take a personal hand in the defence against these entities, King Auberich added that “All of these forces threaten the peace and prosperity of My Daughter's realm. They wield magics and powers beyond the understanding of everyday mundane humans.” Following this, His Majesty announced the formation of a specialised Council of Magi, a group formed of individuals from each of the Castle's numerous magical and mystical guilds and organisations, which He Himself intended to assemble and direct towards discovering the steps and methods required to eradicate the magical threats currently facing the Realm. Concluding His announcement, the King stated that “It is my expectation that before I depart, this council will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to defend the realm against threats of magical nature once I have departed. Further details of this council will be made public in the coming days.” Offering Her assent, Queen Vivienne remarked, “We are thankful as always for Our Father's dedication and assistance with the protection of Our Realm.”

    Continuing onto a different but perhaps related subject, His Majesty spoke then of the recent return of ser Edouard, whose soul had been released from the cursed weapon known as the Black Sword by a ritual of the Faith and restored to its original body by the King's own efforts. Speaking of ser Edouard's role as the founder of the first iteration of the Castle's Duelist Society, His Majesty described the group as a “pillar of honour and virtue in the Outer Bailey, where new guests were welcomed and taught the ways of camaraderie, honour and the way of the sword. As well as unwavering loyalty to the Queen under any circumstance, no matter the foe.” Having said this, His Majesty announced the restoration of the Duelist's Society in the Outer Bailey, to be led by ser Edouard, and expressed his intent that the group would swiftly begin “rebuilding what it has lost, to again serve the Realm by bringing its passion and virtue and warmth, to the Outer Bailey.” Again, Her Majesty expressed Her gratitude to the King for his interest, and personally welcomed ser Edouard back to the Realm. King Auberich went on to name Lady Portia as the new sponsor of the Society, describing her Ladyship as “an individual of commendable honour and virtue.” Her Majesty likewise offered her gratitude and welcome to Lady Portia, but concluded by saying, “We will discuss this further and follow up with a formal announcement of Our Will.”

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    The floor was then given to His Highness Prince Bertram, who began by succinctly declaring the official reopening of the Royal Treasury. Giving a brief overview of the institution's new procedures and policies, He also welcomed Master Varick and Master Vincint into the group as assistant leaders. Included into the changes mentioned were “increased rewards to hosting and attendance, more items for purchase, as well as introducing regularity to the schedule of when the coin is distributed and when the Treasury itself is open.” As a final note on the subject, His Highness made mention of Mistress Tristana, whom He thanked for her “invaluable service, immeasurable time, and relentless advice on many aspects of the Treasury.” Expressing that she would no longer be working with the office, His Highness stated that in gratitude for her contributions the Mistress would be henceforth permitted to order anything short of Royalty-restricted items from the Crafters Guilds, going so far as to bow to her as He said to her, “I will be forever thankful for your hard work and dedication to myself, the Treasury and the House.” After Her Majesty likewise offered Her thanks to Mistress Tristana, His Highness noted that any further questions regarding the Treasury could be taken to Masters Varick and Vincint, before turning the floor over to Lord Chancellor Boreas.

    As the Lord Chancellor took the floor, the subject turned to law. His Excellency began by speaking further on a matter previously touched upon, magical threats to the Castle by entities and individuals of power such as the Hand of Five, the First Sorcerer and the Triangle. He went on to explain that, because of these threats, the work of the Castle's sorcerers had previously been valued highly to the extent that they were granted implicit permission to exercise their magics in the Castle, and even on its other guests, as a result. Elaborating, he stated that “In the Outer Bailey the Winter Watch has had direction to, at the Corporal's discretion, permit minor mischief through the use of sorcery, without lawful repercussion, so long as the peace was not disturbed and no harm came from the rabble-rousing.” Shifting his tone dourly, he continued, “it has come to me recently that this has been heinously abused and overstepped, and that the tolerance I have permitted the realm's sorcerers has been taken as a right, to wield with condescension upon guests of the realm and esteemed members of the Court alike, regardless of rank and title. This will not be tolerated.” The Royal Consort thereby announced the addition of a new law to Her Majesty's Capitulary, regarding “Magical Mischief”. Going on to describe the significance of the law, His Excellency stated that “This law shall prohibit any and all use of magic on a denizen of the realm, against that person's consent... Repeated violations of this law by any sorcerer will result in the confiscation of their focus for a period of time.” Finally, he explained that the charge of Bewitchment would continue to apply for more severe transgressions, and that all sorcerers would now be expected to register their foci with the Winter Watch in the event that they are required to be confiscated, under penalty of arrest. Notably, Royal Sorcerer Master Uwaine chose to depart the throne room some way through this announcement by the Lord Chancellor. Queen Vivienne thereafter gave Her support to the edict, remarking, “It concerns Us that recently one of Our noble peers was the victim of foul magic. This is not acceptable behaviour within Our Winter Court. We acknowledgement this amendment of the law by Our Chancellor.”

    The Lord Chancellor's business concluded, the floor was given over then to the Chambers for the announcement of recognition and promotion within the ranks of the Castle's guests. Before the Speaker, sera Meryl could commence with this, however, Sir Launfal himself requested the floor for a moment. Turning the Court's attention to Sir Donovon, the Secretary of the Chambers, the Lord Chamberlain took the opportunity to recognise Sir Donovon for the service that he had provided the Chambers during the time of Sir Launfal's absence. Giving his thanks with a bow, Sir Launfal pronounced, “Sir Donovon has been the Royal Chamberlain all but in name for these past many moons, efficiently and effectively running the Office, ably assisting the Outer Bailey denizens and the Winter Court alike. I think I am not alone in my gratitude for Sir Donovon and his tireless efforts he has put forth while assisting me as my Secretary, then stepping up and taking on a great many more responsibilities while I recovered.” Sir Donovon gave his thanks for the recognition and bowed in turn, before Her Majesty again spoke up in support of the Lord Chamberlain's words. “We thank Sir Donovon for his tireless commitment to the Chambers, we know that the work involved in running the Outer Bailey is monotonous,” She remarked.

    The business of Court then at last turned to the matter of intrinsic promotions. Beginning with promotions of Commoners to the rank of Honoured Guest, sera Meryl first asked sera Klara to step forward. Sera Klara, who in addition to her studies as a Sorcerer serves the Outer Bailey library as an Assistant Librarian, was put forward by Master Tiernon and promoted with the support of two nobles and ten other members of the Court, with the additional note that eight other members of the Court could give no support due to not knowing her. The Speaker then moved on to ser Keyland, who was put forth by Lord Bernier, supported by two nobles and fifteen members of the Court, and opposed by one. Sera Trysha came next, and took a moment from her duties as Watchwoman to receive her ceremonial scabbard. Put forward by Dame Galatea and supported by eighteen nobles and members of court versus two opposed, the Watchwoman was thanked in particular for her diligent service to the Watch in recent times of hardship.

    From there, the Royal Court advanced to promotions to the Winter Court itself, beginning with sera Blodwen. Put forward by Mistress Heulyn, the Apprentice was supported by two nobles, a knight and thirteen other members of court, and opposed by three. The Speaker further remarked, “The Crown acknowledges sera Blodwen's service to the realm both as an Inquisitor and as the Royal Apprentice of the Sorcery program, who's services have been of dire aid to the realm in recent moons.” Next to be brought forward was sera Juliana, also put forth by Dame Galatea, with the support of two nobles, a knight, and ten other members of Court. The Armswoman was thanked for her years of loyal service to the Crown, with the added hope that it could continue in the many years to come. Sera Rikka was then brought forward to be granted the rank of Courtier, put forward by Mistress Heulyn and supported by a noble, a knight, ten members of court and notably Prince Bertram Himself, while opposed by eight courtiers. Her promotion was accompanied by the acknowledgement that while she was an unusual choice, the Crown hoped that she would “take strides to adapt and fit in with the ways of the Court.”

    Two further denizens were brought forward after that point to be promoted to the Winter Court. Master Vincint was put forward by Lady Sinvy, supported by three nobles and eleven other members of the Court and opposed by only one. Speaking on behalf of the Crown, the Speaker stated, “We welcome Master Vincint into the Court in recognition of his service to Lady Sinvy and the particular skills he offers the Inquisition.” Finally ser Myrddin was summoned to be granted a place in the Court. Put forward by Prince Bertram and supported by two nobles and seventeen other members of the Court, the Apprentice of the Healers was also recognised for his service to the Household of His Highness as well as to the Healers. In addition, ser Myrddin's appointment as Royal Coroner, a new role on the Great Chain involving the examination of the deceased for the purpose of criminal investigations, was recognised by the Crown.


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      Queen Vivienne Herself took the floor for the next petition due to its significance. “A petition was put forth to acknowledge His Highness for the dedicated service He provided to the realm in the two years He sat on the Ice Throne. This petition to no great surprise received unanimous support from the Court,” relayed Her Majesty, addressing the denizenry. “Our Son has shouldered a difficult burden in the years We were away, and We are grateful for, and proud of Him.” His Highness expressed his gratitude and honour from the kind words from His mother and from the Court. Resuming, Her Majesty explained that though many of the Prince's duties as Prince Regent had now been ceded to Herself, He would be retaining some of them due to Her Majesty's pleasure with their progress. The first of these was oversight of the Office of Heraldry, which would now and henceforth serve under the Lord Treasurer. Further, the Royal Collegium was announced as having transferred from the Chancery to the Lord Treasurer as its immediate sponsor.

      The Court's final petition was that regarding the position of Royal Archivist. This position, despite having been held by Lady Avaria for many years, was determined to be passed on to Master Tiernon, who serves presently as the Royal Librarian. Speaking of the change, Her Majesty said, “Though we thank Her Ladyship for Her years of service in that role, She has been primarily absent from the Court for quite some time, and We agree with the Court that it is time to bequeath this role upon another.” Queen Vivienne further spoke of the Master's current efforts to create a lasting catalogue of the Castle's history, and expressed the will of the Crown that he continue to do so as Royal Archivist. Her Majesty also mentioned that the Crown had sanctioned the planned betrothal of Master Tiernon and Mistress Ophidias, and wished them well in their endeavours together. She particularly noted that she looked forward to the wedding, as “It has been some time since We have been able to witness a marriage.”

      Finally, Her Majesty called the Court's attention for one final edict, one that she described as being of special importance to the Crown. Speaking of changes that had taken place during Her own period of dormancy, Queen Vivienne recounted, “In the time We were absent from Our throne, a revision took place regarding the standards expected of Our chivalry. This revision was based on two consecutive castle wide polls and reviews held by the Prince Regent, in which Court and Commoner alike found that the standards of Chivalry were inadequate. As a result, a new Knight's Challenge was devised by Our Lord Champion. This challenge by nature was much more difficult than challenges that preceded it, and We are pleased with the effort that went into it. However, We understand that in Our absence, those whom I had already bestowed Knighthood upon had that removed from them. This was not My Will.”

      "It is thus My decree as Queen regent of Castle Marrach, the the rank and title of former Knights be restored. All of denizens who previously stood upon the Great Chain as a Knight, shall have that rank and title returned to them. All Knights who have not taken the new Knight's Challenge will be given the opportunity to do so, at their own leisure, to prove themselves to the realm, or they may decline to do so. These Knights will be known as Free Knights and bear all the rank, title and privledge they formerly held prior to the vetting of the Great Chain of Being from all Knights.” Her Majesty's words were evidently a great surprise to many in the Courtroom, those who were personally affected by the edict and those who were not. Mistress Wilena in particular, whose Knighthood was removed after the previous Challenge, spoke out that she personally could not accept the offer, citing her failure in the Challenge and her unwillingness to return to the ranks of the Chivalry before becoming worthy. Addressing the concerns of the Mistress and others who were present, Queen Vivienne explained that, “It is our hope that those Knights, such as Wilena, who do not wish the prior decision revoked, will participate in our next Knight's Challenge and reaffirm themselves in the eyes of the Court if they believe it necessary.” She elaborated that those who had passed the previous Challenge, and those who would pass the next, would be known as Ordained Knights, and be rewarded further for their success with additional privileges. The Knightly Orders of the Knights of the Stone and the Knights of the Petal, to be reformed beneath Prince Bertram and Lord Boreas, would be open only to Ordained Knights, and in addition solely Ordained Knights would have the benefits of inhabiting a Knightly Suite and taking a second squire, should they choose.

      With this, the Court was brought to a close, though opened to any questions and concerns from those present. Mistress Ophidias first stepped forward, asking Her Majesty's support in resigning from the position of Mistress of Entertainments in order to focus more on work with the Royal Collegium of the Inner Bailey. With His Highness's support, Her Majesty assented to the decision, thanking the Mistress for her service as Mistress of Entertainments. Finally the newly-anointed Sir Howe asked permission to speak, before giving his humble thanks to Queen Vivienne for the trust She had shown him in returning his knighthood. Her Majesty replied simply that “We trust you will live up to Our expectations.”

      At a gesture from the Queen, Sera Meryl announced the departure of the Royal entourage, and the assembled denizenry kneeled once more in respectful deference. Queen Vivienne, King Auberich, Prince Bertram and Lord Boreas then departed from the Throne Room, along with their respective entourages, leaving their subjects to congratulate one another, discuss the more surprising occurences and plan for the changes which had taken place.

      Asked about her response to the edict regarding the Free Knights, Dame Umichan stated, “It was a shock... I am honoured to be given the chance to take part of a future Challenge like the others were. Circumstances beyond my control made me miss the last one, after all. I wish to give it all my best. Whatever the results will be for me, I am sure it will be an unforgettable learning experience.”

      The Castle's next Royal Court is expected to take place in the coming three to four Moons.

      This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

      In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,
      Melle Scheralz
      Senior Chronicler