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A few additions I would like to see

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  • A few additions I would like to see

    A few additions I would like to see to this game.

    1.) A self destruct world bomb. Cost $200' It would work under the same concept as a DP. A DS added prior to detonation would find and disarm it. Otherwise only the person planting it would know that it is there. At the time of purchase you would be given a timer option, which would count down on your screen the same as fleet mvements.

    2.) An annonymous news line. It would work just like the current news, but would cost a bit more. Say $2-3??

    3.) An annonymous diplomacy option. At a cost of $1-5, you could send someone tips through a coded up-link. Would add another dimension to the gme.

    More to come as I think them up.
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    At the start of the game, any fleets that receive no orders within 24-48 hours should defect and be scattered randomly through the galaxy. This would make it harder for people to snap up undisputed real estate and allow for a more balanced game all around. I would go so far as to say inactive empires should also be pre-designated as nobody worlds, and would receive a slightly larger percentage of any defected fleets. The code shouldn't be that hard should it?
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      I wanted to paste some suggestions made some time ago, and bring them back to life, in support of the newest Hegemony fanatic.

      -31-2006, 09:26 PM
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      fact is, as a returning player (for the time being) the biggest detriment to playing GE:H is the amount of time its taking to get a single regular game started. I love the RP games, they have been and always will be my favorite, but any game is hurt by the length in time it takes to start one, the biggest thing you can probabally do is allow games to start with fewer PC players and modify the Vhlurgh (sp) nobodies into NPC opponents on the map to fill empty spots. Give a game 3 days of open sign-ups, and begin start procedures, allow people to join a game thats already started (for example, lets say we had 8 players in a game, and 4 NPC oppoenents give them a color so they are distinguished) and someone comes by and wants to get into a game thats already going, let them assume control over one of the 4 NPC opponents, and put out a news about a revolution and the empire is under new leadership.

      We pay to play, I surely dont just play GE:H but if im paying 30 bucks a month or 13 as a reg subscriber I want to be able to play games, I dont want to wait 2-3 weeks to start a game, then 2 weeks of play time, meaning I got just one game out of my 13/30 dollar investment in the site.

      Also with such a system automating the game starts should occur, as it stands if I remember correctly and unless its changed, even if we get 12 players signed up, we are waiting until Shannon or someone else starts the game.

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      That's a good idea for how to get things bootstrapped when we're ready to release 2.0.


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        I like many of the ideas, but the problem is that 2.0 codebase, which isn't done, but prevents updates to 1.X for the most part.

        The most viable idea is turning unused empires into nobodies, combined with doing the same to get games started faster.

        Just as a side note: the reason that I start games by hand is so that I can give you guys a variety of special maps, and optionally start games with weird options. I probably just need to add some code to send out mail when a game is ready to go. Trial games are actually started automatically, but then they're always run on a standard map.



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