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    There are currently 17 people signed up for a regular game. Any chance we could get it started soon please?
    Japes point towards Studgrob. A single point of light flashes from the middle of Studgrob's body, then starts growing larger until a great dome of bluish-white energy consumes him and his surroundings! 999999 points of damage! Studgrob roars a final time before dying

    Japes says, "Ninja minotaurs in love."
    Japes flails.

    Synchar: Toastah!
    Toasty: o.o
    Toasty: OMG, IT'S A SYNCHAR.
    <Toasty thwacks you with a rolled up newspaper.>

    sgp NO LAG! *can't breath* *starts to turn blue*
    StoryGuide Damocles responds, "Just calm down. Maybe it's the start of great things."


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