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  • BP Discrepancy

    Could someone please explain this?

    03/22 03:47 19 ships attacked W4 (owner: nobody, 10 ships)
    Bolex won the battle, with 10 ships remaining
    03/22 03:21 Shryn captured Mine (from nobody)
    03/22 03:17 13 ships attacked B1 (owner: nobody, 14 ships)
    nobody won the battle, with 3 ships remaining

    How does "nobody" have more BP than me?
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    Nobody is just the name given to neutral stars with warlords who are not important.

    I assume they start with the basic 100bp, also if they get the 50% for defending their home world(don't know if they do) that's a big bonus.

    The help files also say that the defender will win even fights slightly more, so if you attacked with less then the defenders., there is an even lower chance you'll win


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      We gonna rock on to Electric Avenue


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        Also don't forget that there is a random element in every attack. It is possible that you ended up with a multiplier close to 0.8 while 'Nobody' ended up with 1.1ish. It's impossible to tell what they were exactly, but it's a safe bet to guess that they got a higher multiplier than you (as they were left with 3 ships.)

        I just did a little math and have found that at the start of the game (with a battle power of 100, and assuming that neutral stars also have a battle power of 100,) you will need at least 28 ships in a fleet in order to be guaranteed a victory over said neutral star.

        Oh, and maybe someone could clear something up for me: Do neutral stars have a BP of 100? Or is it random/semi-random?

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          Attacking a nuetral star with 38-40 ships gives you a 20% bonus for having twice the fleet they do.