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    I remember playing this game a few times years ago (and always losing). Just checked in and saw that some people have been waiting for the next round since March of this year. Probably only one slot left for the Regular game. Someone should take it.

    I would grab the spot, but I largely forget how to play. I remember the need to log in often to make strategic plans. If these rounds happened faster I'd try it again.

    Anyhow, I'm posting here in case this game can be picked up once more. It's always better for the community.
    Baracchi tears a hunk off a food ration.
    Baracchi takes a few bites of a food ration.
    You whisper to Baracchi, "[did you just rp tearing a hunk off the food ration!??]"
    Baracchi whispers to you, "[my bp should be arriving any minute ]"
    Storyguide Calades responds, "Unlikely."

    Elwood says:
    just a lil somethin to get u hot
    Time online: 16 hrs.

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