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    Just throwing this out for discussion:

    Out of the last three games (500 and 515 at the old site and 005 here) I have made the mistake of having too many friends. In 500 I mangaged around it and actually ended my first regular game with a rating (woo hoo!) but it was difficult. In 515 I neglected to pay enough attention at the begining of the game and was summarily beaten about my head and shoulders almost to extinction (the game isnt' over yet however). To get me out of that spot, my neighbors came to my aid and helped themselves at the same time by elliminating my tormentor. However, now I am stuck between two enemies, with whom I am on neutral/good terms. What to do?! Finally, in game 005, I crippled myself by again being buds with nearly everyone and was unable to assist one set of allies when the other set was wiping them out (Sorry Shadow and Crectr).

    The whole irony of this of course is that I went from having usually poor or no alliances in my first games and was summarily trounced to having too many allies. While the latter is certainly preferable, it does have its limitations.

    I'm not really asking a question here, just opening up a forum for discussion. Any comments?

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    I had two strong NAPs in 001 with Tene and Morat that served me (and them) much better than actual alliances in other games where allies offered slow to no aid against enemies. The secret to those strong NAPs succeeding was that until the bitter end, we still had a comon enemy, and my NAP partners and I behaved honorably, launching no intentional strikes on one another (and apologizing for "friendly fire" which happened more than once). The game ended with the three of us with the top scores and me at least with the sense of accomplishment: I'd survived and done well in a Hegemony game filled almost completely with SE veterans, and good ones.

    Two important diplomatic strategies I think I've learned is to build up arrangements with others with distinct comon enemies in mind and make sure communication regarding who is and who isn't an enemy is clear.

    The other key is to not make permanant enemies. Even if somone is wiping you off the board, to treat them with humor and friendliness helps keep vendetta playing down: being a sore loser or winner is a sure way to become a 'comon enemy' for everyone else a couple games down the road. This is clear to me just by watching the vets play together. Think long term. Winning a single game isn't as important as building up a good reputation over the course of a dozen games. People who make too many enemies who hold grudges will invariably lose.


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      A good way to avoid conflicting alliances is to be in only one alliance. If you want to ally with another player make sure all your current allies get into an alliance with him/her too. If they decline you don't ally with that player.

      It's easy in that initial flurry of diplomacy to get carried away; but once you have your first ally, you should start coordinating your diplomacy. Allies are more than people who won't attack each other. They agree to work closely together. If you're talking to each other about who else you might want to ally with, your chances of avoiding a conflict are better.
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        the diplomacy is a tricky thing and there will be no formula that works in every game 005, all the no shows made the game over too quick, the same thing may be true in game 009...some games you will make too many agreements, some not enough (515 for me at the old site)
        communication is the key...if you dont talk and keep good faith, you cant be successful...good allies are generally hard to find, i usually want two, but coordination is the key...also in my alliances i dont care about the score, i want my alliance to win... if i end up with the high score, i will aid my ally to the same position in the next game

        as far as permanent enemies, those were uncommon at the old site, but that may not be the case was not uncommon for players to ally in one game and fight in another, in fact morat and i were allied at the old site, while he pummeled in a game here, but that didnt matter, the vets usually take each game as they come.

        it was not unusual for blargg or kid to flame someone something awful on the msg boards, but ally with them in games, you just never know what is going to happen...
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          As I note in my statgy guide, learning to trust others is important, but watch your back!!

          I try to have two or three allies and NAPs with others.
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            Mongul is exactly right. I try never to hold a grudge. If someone calls me a name in a game, I call them a worse name, try to humiliate them (this is all so much more fun than in real life where you have to be mature about such things), and then next game I ask to ally with them.

            The only permanent grudges come if they hold one against me (believe it or not, it's happened) or if someone just can't ever be trusted.
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