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    Just a brief announcement that we'll be doing an Abode event tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm PT.

    The main purpose of the event is a meeting of the Overlords of RP Game 051 to discuss the status of the galaxy. There may be some surprises for those folks. That event will be happening on the Tribunal Platform: "south", "enter beam" from the Hologram Nexus.

    I've also suggested to members of the second RP game, 065, that this would be a great time for a meet & greet in the Diplomatic Alcove: "north" from the Hologram Nexus.

    Everyone else is welcome, either to watch the main event or to hang out with other Hegemony players, and possibly find some folks from your own game to chat with.

    On a PC you should be running IE 5+, though NS 4.7.X will also work. On a Mac you must be running NS4.7.X. Currently you must be in a game to be able to access Abode.

    Hope to see many of you there.


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    I've got a dinner date at that time, else I would like to see that.
    No you don't, have, to live like a refugee.


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      how about editing the abode to allow all the races? Aestro wants to be the Wyvern that he is, and seems to not be able to. It seems strange to inhabit the body of another species.


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        What is that in EST?
        Fate is just a way of telling the future after it's already happened.


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          Dress code for event

          Will there be a friendly tinker/tailor/soldier/spy available for the purchase of appropriate clothing before this event?

          My current dress state is more suited for more private parties.

          At your service



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            Originally posted by Genns
            What is that in EST?

            (10pm ET)



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              As a few points of reference:

              * You should now enter Abode as your correct race.
              * You can now play a character in Abode even if he currently isn't in a game.


              See some of you folks tonight.



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                Thanks to everyone who attended tonight and thanks for your patience as well. It was *a-hem* a bit rocky. It'll be better next time.

                I think that for the short-term at least, we're going to try and run these Abode events on Thursday at 7pm and see how they turn out. Next week I expect to have a follow-up talk for Galaxy 051 followed by a discussion with Galaxy 065, so keep that time slot open.



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                  I missed the abode event because for the life of me I couldn't get abode operating on my parents old computer with their 56k modem, since I'm visiting them right now. Anyone care to fill me in on what I missed, just for curiousities sake?

                  Also, I wanted to note Shannon, that while I was tinkering with Abode I tried to edit my persona, Ridara, but it really didn't want to accept that she was female instead of male. Everything else saved appropriately except that. Any reason?

                  - Gali

                  "The here then gone again girl"
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                    I want to apologize to the other 051 players for missing the Abode event last night. RL drama decided to invade my house at 6:48 PST and I couldn't sent it packing until 10 pm.


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                      Here's a question, who was more annoying? Quigg with his constant weird talk, or Genns with his jumping and screeching everything?
                      Fate is just a way of telling the future after it's already happened.


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                        I thought it'd be Celnai's mechanical wheezing, exhaling, and puffing.