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    I'd like to formally invite one an all to the wedding of Gretta Joubert, and I, Mersai, on this Mercredi, the twenty-seventh day of Snow in this year of 897 Apres le Miracle; approximately the Office of Sext (midday) (27th of February at 2pm EST).

    I realize this may be a little last notice for most, and probably late to announce it. But some lack and delay in scrolls (I blame the couriers! Always lazing around...) has caused us to not have our chosen time and date confirmed until lately. We considered postponing it to give a two weeks notice, but have been waiting many months, since last fall, and can not really bare to wait much longer when we are so close to finally having our dream and promise to each other come true.

    I wish to thank all in advance who come and again, state that all are welcome. This is an open invite.