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Knighting Ceremony for Squire Royzo

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  • Dasha di Silvi
    Squire Royzo has started is vigil in the Cathedral and you're encouraged to attend him and offer your support.

    His knighting will be concluded in some 25 hours.

    [ooc: 2 pm, the 15th of April]. After his Vigil, the actual knighting ceremony will take place just outside the Cathderal and afterwards there will be refreshments and a small celebration.

    Everyone are invited to join and attend to see this great moment for Squire Royzo, hear him take his vows and see him step into knighthood.

    The celebratory hunt has been postponed until an undetermined later date.

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  • Dasha di Silvi
    started a topic Knighting Ceremony for Squire Royzo

    Knighting Ceremony for Squire Royzo

    Let it be known that my Squire Royzo has worked hard and long to embrace the knightly virtues and that he is now deemed ready to receive his knighthood.

    Upon the 15th of this month he will be knighted [ooc: 15th April at 2 pm EST], after 24 hours of vigil in the Cathedral.

    The day after, we throat a hunt to celebrate his knighting that all are welcome to attend [ooc: 16th of April at 2 pm EST]

    Squire Royzo has long had what it took to be a knight, but has deliberately waited for the right moment to take his vows as a knight. He deserves all of our respect.

    I look forward to this day with pride over Squire Royzo.