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Remember Charity: Docktown

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  • Remember Charity: Docktown

    Remember Charity: Docktown

    I am starting a small program within my guild named Remember Charity. This will be focused on helping the less fortunate citizens that reside in Docktown. With this program, I will be lending my own resources to provide clothing, coin, and food when I can. I also ask that other citizens within the city do their part to aid should they be able to.

    Food: If you're in need of a meal or three for the day, please write me and I will see to it
    Clothing: If it is clothing you seek, then I'll do my best to provide it.
    Coin: Coin will be reserved housing, bills, and items that are needed in order for you to live a productive life. This is not for things that you want; I still encourage all citizens to do their best to find work.

    Speaking of work, my guild will welcome anyone who just needs a place to stand, until they decide where they wish to go. Or if you are interested in learning about languages and the career of a scholar, I would be more than pleased to assist you with that.

    How you can help: If you'd like to aid with this project I accept donations of food, coin, and clothing. If there are items such as furniture or weapons that you no longer need I will accept those too.

    Leliana Reymess
    Leader of the Linguistics Society

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