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Happy Yule From SoWeCanSew

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  • Happy Yule From SoWeCanSew

    I know this is early but as gift from us to our fellow residents, SoWeCanSew will be offering cloaks, scarfs,coats, jackets, earmuffs and boots those who are unable afford to purchase their own. Just scribe us a missive with who they are for and what colors you prefer.

    Who to write:

    Orla ~ Seamstress, Tailor, & Dyer.
    Nan ~ Seamstress & Hairstylist.
    Helen ~ Seamstress & Dyer.
    Andreas ~ Tailor & Seamstress.
    Tomasso ~ Tailor.

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    From now until the First Day of Yule, So We Can Sew will once again be crafting outer garments for free.
    For those who wish specific colors and materials, we have packages you can purchase. Please see below for details.

    Who to write:
    Orla ~ Seamstress & Dyer.
    Meepers ~ Seamstress & Dyer.
    Lamhirh ~ Tailor.

    Free Package:

    Colors: Red, White, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, Yellow, Grey, Orange, Pink
    Fabrics: Cotton, Wool, Flannel
    Items: Coats, Cloaks, Gloves, Scarves, Earmuffs


    50 Denarii Package

    Colors: Any that can be created
    Fabrics: Any that are sold in the city
    Items: Coats, Cloaks, Gloves, Scarves, Earmuffs


    100 Denarii Package

    Colors: Any including rare/special dyes
    Fabrics: Any including rare/special fabrics
    Items: Coats, Cloaks, Gloves, Scarves, Earmuffs



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