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    Fellow Citizens,

    For those who may not be aware I was recently attacked and had many of my items stolen while in docktown. These items have since then been placed in the blackmarket for sale. While the fact that they are stolen is the major problem, they have also been added for outrageous prices. I refuse to aid this thief and murderer with coin so I will not purchasing them back and I implore that you decent citizens do the same if you so wish it.

    Any who is seen with the following items will not only be banned from myself but they will also be banned with the Great House Doloreaux. I don't support thieves and murderers and I would hope that you don't either. Should you need to import materials I promise you that our House is more than happy to provide you with the best gems, metals, herbs, marble and much more. All requests should be sent to our Ambassador, Sir Baez until further notice.

    I thank you all for taking the time to read this announcement. Please have a blessed day.

    :: Items Stolen ::

    A rich dun velvet purse
    An abalone-embellished green-tinged gold drop necklace
    A crystalline blue sapphire
    A royal blue sapphire
    A pair of abalone-embellished green-tinged gold drop earrings
    A green-tinged gold cabochon bracelet
    A blued steel jewelry knife
    A keg of Schwarzbier

    ~ Heather Hart, Master Jeweler