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  • Beach Party

    The town has been all too awfully quiet through the winter. Things are warming up and people should be returning, and with the return of the people should be a grand party.

    I would like to host the greatest beach party there ever has been. There will be games, contests, food, drink and merry people. Of course people will also be invited to swim.

    For a part of this, there will be a white elephant gift exchange. I encourage you to bring two gifts for someone else, only one of them should be a gag gift. If you cannot find one, one can be provided for you.

    There will be a contest, as I mentioned. It will require craftiness and creativity, but the rest should be left a surprise. There will be a prize of at least 100 denarii for winning it.

    If you can help, send me a scroll. I would appreciate more ideas and donations of food and such for the event. Please don't feel hesitant to respond, I would love to see that there are still people there with enthusiasm for Triskelion. Yes, I am talking to you, not just the person next to you. I want you to come to the party and have a good time.

    For the time, it is undecided. It will likely be on a Saturday morning, or Monday evening. Let me know what times work best for people.

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    For the contest briefly mentioned before, I will have a one of a kind prize. I will be talking to some crafters. If you are a blacksmith around, or a jewelry maker, I'll likely send you a scroll. Please also feel free to reply.