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    Just got back in town tonight, and over the next day or so I'll send a few personalized greetings to some people, but I did want to let people know in general I'm back. I'm also not entirely sure who all is in town right now, so if you don't get a missive right away from me and you were reasonably sure you were among my best of friends, please don't be insulted. I'm a bit overwhelmed being back and have much to catch up on.

    ~ Thais The Rabbit ~

    OOC: Names are a bit of a jumble in my head right now, and some people I want Thais to write to, I the player simply can not bring to mind how to spell or the like. So hopefully over the next few days I'll see people on the who and what not and think "Oh ya that's one of the people I wanted to write."

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