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A ghost in the city

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  • A ghost in the city

    Some may have heard the rumors of a ghost appearing at the courier station in Newtown.

    The past few days some of us have seen this ghostly red fox clad in a purple jacket, howling in a spooky tongue and floating just above ground. He seems to have once been a valet at the Rinaldi manor, as he can at times also be seen at the dining room gathering beverages, and apparently tried to serve tea to Dame Isidora di Rinaldi. For now we have been unable to communicate with the apparition, and from our past encounters he seems to be harmless.

    Anyone who feels they may be of assistance is welcome to contact me or Dame Isidora for more information. We are also particularly keen on speaking with representatives of the Church and those well versed in the arcane, as they will perhaps have more insights on this occurrence.

    With Honor,

    Squire Callais du Chalon