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    Good day to all,

    I have recently returned to the city and am going to be attempting to continue/support efforts to revitalize the Holy Church. I shall attempt to be available for any whom wish to speak as often as possible throughout the week. In addition, I am going to start holding regular services in the chapel in docktown. These services shall be held every Dimache, barring something unexpected coming up, at 9 bells early. This will begin this upcoming Dimache the 14th of Flower.

    I pray you all keep to the teachings of the Light and may it guide you in life and beyond.

    Brother Barek Bareil

    (OOC: Every Sunday at 9am EST)

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    Good day to all,

    Due to other obligations, there will be no services on This upcoming Dimache the 29th of Flower. Services should resume upon the following Dimache.

    May S'Allumer guide you all.

    Brother Barek Bareil.


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      Just a reminder, next sermon is Dimache the 2nd of Thunder at 9 bells early (Sunday July 2nd at 9am est)


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        The next sermon will be on Dimache the 9th of Thunder at 9 bells early (Sunday July 2nd at 9am est)


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          Good day all,

          I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to host the sermon as planned on the 9th of Thunder. The next sermon should be on the 16th of Thunder at 9 bells early. I am sorry and hope to see you all next week.

          May S'Allumer Guide you,

          Pastor Barek Bareil

          (OOC: Sorry to my regular sermon attendees, but I'm feeling really crappy tonight and would rather call things off now so I can try to sleep in tomorrow)


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            (OOC: Hello everyone. These will be on hiatus until further notice. Barek's player is ill and not sure when she will be back at this point.)