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  • Fille d'Honneur

    Dame Haut-Brion l'Avoirdupois is in need of a Fille d'Honneur to assist her with daily matters and needs.

    The position and duties include:
    • Writing correspondence
    • Running errands
    • Tending personal needs; clothing, hair and toilette
    • Aid with clothing and placing orders
    • Organising and assisting during private social gatherings and events
    • Keeping the agenda and reminding of social events and meetings
    • Tidying and organising private rooms and property
    • And other matters
    The position teaches the life of a noble and what's included in such. Education will be given in the Noble language, courtly life, the duties of a Lady-in-waiting, how to run a household, host guests and dinners, what's expected of a lady, introduction to wines, and much more.

    The ideal applicant is well mannered, respectful and polite. She will be intelligent, have an interest in learning and a natural curiosity. The candidate will be attentive and observant, so that she is able to predict what her Lady needs or see what needs to be done, wth ability to show initiative. She's dedicated and loyal, wiling to serve not only her Lady but also the House. Ideally she will have a desire to learn gardening, become knowledgeable about wines and a have passion for literature.

    It is expected that the right candidate will join the Avoirdupois embassy and be fully loyal to the house.
    Also is expected that the candidate will be regularly available and can be relied upon.
    ​​​​​​(ooc: at least be able to fairly regularly be online either during morning hours or early afternoon skotos time EST)

    Dame Lucilla Marguerite has been sent to the city by her father to start her scholary studies and to learn of life outside of home, so she'll be the proper lady for her future husband. She's been assigned as the Bouteillier of the Avoirdupois Embassy due on her knowledge of wines through her upbringing.

    Send your application directly to the Dame (ooc: address it to Lucie).