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The Great House of Doloreaux: Trials of Virtues

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  • The Great House of Doloreaux: Trials of Virtues

    The Great House of Doloreaux is excited to announce our monthly contest, Trials of Virtue.

    Each month we will list a virtue with a short description and example to help your understanding of the virtue. With this, a small task will be included. Anyone within the city may join and complete the task. At the end of the month, all submissions will be taken into consideration and the winner will receive one jewelry item of their choosing.

    With this prize you may pick a piece of jewelry, the metal, and the gem. Engraving and gem cuts are also extended. If you have any questions, please contact the member who has posted for that month.

    Esquire Heather Hart,

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    Month of Flower: Honesty

    What is Honesty? By definition, we know that honesty is truthful in your actions and words, but honesty is so much deeper than that. Honesty is the strength of your character, your beliefs, and your honor. Your word is your bond, and it is not something that you should swear lightly, for what you swear is what you must do.

    Furthermore, we must always be honest with ourselves and not allow excuses or desires alter our beliefs. When you are dishonest, everything else you've done loses credibility no matter how good it was. However, having too much honesty can come off as being insensitive or cruel, please remember that while using honesty, you must also keep in mind the other virtues. You should not use honesty as an excuse to be cruel to another.

    Example: A woman who is being questioned by the guards would not say what is convenient for her situation, but rather what is truthful and what she believes in despite the punishment that may or may not comes with it.

    Task: For this virtue, you will be required to send me a missive detailing the most honest thing you done as well as the least honest. This does not need to be overly personal but I expect it to be truthful. It takes great courage to reveal our faults as it does to take pride in our accomplishments. I look forward to the entries that come.

    I would encourage all to attend Squire Callais's discussion should they wish further insight before entering.

    Good luck and many blessings to you.