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  • Seeking Opinion! and Testimony

    Well. I've waited. And to no surprise I never received any word from any noble regarding this case. As all of you can see. I have not selected a spot that would assist me in reducing this so called crime. I Wait for one reason only. This charge is plainly stating that no one is allowed to testify. Nor have an opinion of their own. Without a noble telling them what it is. So I still sit and wait for a noble to step up. And tell me what -I- think. Tell me what -my- opinion is. And tell -me- what to testify about and how to do so. Since there is a lack of reviews of the criminal logs and open crimes. I make a post on the public boards searching for my opinion and testimony. Once a noble tells me what I think. And what to testify about. I will correct everything with the Constables according to what the noble tells me I think and feel.

    And now, With that said. I will be residing at the jailhouse waiting for my opinions and testimonies to be told to me. I ask any available noble that is willing to tell me what I think and what I have to say. Please stop in and inform me. I have nothing but time. I do have to thank Ambassador Baez. For your taxed coin. Is now supporting me. Feeding me. And giving me shelter. And as a result. I no longer need to rent a room at the local Inn. And saving coin!. What a win this is. Thank you for being so kind to press charges.