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  • Mural Designs [Contest]

    Mural Designs [Contest]

    The Great House Rinaldi is pleased to announce that we will be bringing a little more light to our city with TWO new murals.
    One will be in newtown and the other in docktown.
    Therefore, we ask all citizens to help us design and then later paint these murals.

    For now, we ask that ONLY sketches of the murals in mind be sent in, with the theme of UNITY.


    - You may only enter one sketch for both newtown and docktown.
    - It must be appropriate for general audience.
    - You must follow the theme.

    All sketches and questions should be sent to Dame Camellia before the Third Day of Green, after I will no longer accept designs.
    The prize for the designs will be a coin prize but the ammount will not be announced until end of the contest.
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    I will give one extra week for those who may still wish to send in their designs.


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      The winner will be announced soon, thank you for entering.