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    I am planning on hosting a night of games and fun sometime in the next moon or so. One game in particular will have a prize attached to it if you win. I intend to tailor the prize to the winners desires. I will also have a collection of general prizes for those whose desired prize is to ludicrous or simply impossibly to be rewarded.

    Because of this, I will need a list of those who wish to participate in the prize game. To list yourself as a competitor I need you to send me a scroll with three bits of information.

    One. A list of food you like.
    Two. A list of food you dislike, food you find disgusting.
    Three. What prize you want if you should win.

    It will take time to set this night up, so I will need to know who all wish to participate as soon as possible so I can begin to make preparations as early as I can.