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ATTENTION: Militia Members

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  • ATTENTION: Militia Members

    Penned the 21st of Snow of 899.

    The Constabulary is presently updating the roster of active Militia Members in the City. Current members of the Militia are requested to communicate their confirmation of membership via courier to Guardsman Albers in the following fortnight. This list includes the following names:
    • Miss Althea
    • Miss Aneira
    • Lord Bayard
    • Mister Bayork Rivers
    • Mister Brendon
    • Mister Brenner
    • Mister Carlon
    • Dame Dasha di Silvi
    • Mister Drosnan
    • Mister Hanneman
    • Sir Kaine
    • Lady Kilana
    • Mister Kino
    • Mister Jaeger
    • Mister Jardskjalfti
    • Lord Marcus
    • Lord Ruggero
    • Miss Sunta
    • Esquire Trinity
    • Mister Valentin
    • Mister Zev

    Note:Apologies are offered for outdated titles and ranks.

    Those communicating their confirmation past the stated timeline will be required to re-submit their Application Form. Applications for new candidates will also be accepted once the list of active Militia Members is made official.

    In duty,

    Guardsman Albers,
    Triskellian Constabulary.