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The Rinaldi Spring Hunt: Seventeenth Day of Sap

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  • The Rinaldi Spring Hunt: Seventeenth Day of Sap

    The Great House of Rinaldi is pleased to announce the Spring Hunt!!
    All those in good standing with the Embassy are invited.

    We will head out together and spread into groups with at the very least two martial fighters as escort.
    Those attending she bring their own tents and or sleeping bags.
    This hunt will last four days with us ending in a visit to the three corners before we depart.

    Food and drinks will be available for us throughout our stay past the gates.
    If you have any questions about the above details please contact me via scroll.

    The date is set for the 17th of Sap at the third toll of the bell.
    The meeting location is set at the newtown courier.
    We will wait thirty ticks for late arrivals.

    ((March 17th 3pm))

    ~ Baronetess Camellia di Mantrovani Notoriano Thermopolis

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    As a reminder, the entrance fee is fifty denarii to enter and exit each area. This totals to two hundred coins if you intend to join both the hunt and then the three corners.
    Furthermore, Lady Meeper's Guild 'So We Can Sew' provides bedrolls and tents for those who desire it.


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      Neatly raised to the top as a reminder.