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    As many of you already know, The Sailor's Guild has a trip planned out to Akoma, the last days of next moon. The trip will have a fare of fifty denar, to cover food, board and entertainment. I ask that women wear hair and facial coverings, and are always accompanied by a male. No alcohol is permitted off of the ship and will be inventoried upon boarding, though I'd rather you not bring any. Also bring any supplies you might need such as first aid, or hunting. All are welcome to accompany the Sailors for this trip, but remember to act appropriately or reap the consequences. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly, or send a missive to Mandrake Vane.
    I will be posting a list of those who have told me they are coming as soon as possible. Also, I need my crew to report to me this (*whatever day is friday in game, around 8pm*) so we may hold a Guild Meeting.
    (begins on Sunday the 29thof April around 5pm central, ends on Wed the 2nd of May around 9pm central)
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    Madalina Blue and Saruno