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    Salutations and greetings, good citizens of this fine city!!

    With great pride, I announce that I, Lady Béatrice Stillwaters, adjunct professor of Calabrese studies and Composition at the esteemed Dunwasser College, do hereby state my inception as the Lead Editor of the Calabrian Chronicle.

    After months of sporadic printing, issues with the printing press and general mismanagement of materials, I am dedicated to ensuring that the news reaches the people in a timely and organized fashion.

    From this point forward, the paper will be published on the following schedule;


    With the quarterly publishing schedule, it is our hope that we will be able to more effectively share the news that you need to know!

    Additionally, we are inviting the esteemed denizens if our fine city to share their own articles for inclusion in the paper. With the foreign embassies, travelers from every corner of the known world and residents with a finger on the pulse of the street, we can collectively share our wealth of knowledge with everyone. The deadline for submissions is as follows;


    Please keep in mind that any event announcements will need to be received before the above dates in order to be included in the appropriate edition of the paper.

    With much gratitude,
    Lady Béatrice Stillwaters
    Editor of the Calabrian Chronicle

    (Please note that a paper will be available for sale shortly that includes all news that has not been yet printed in order to start with a clean slate.)

    ((OOC - You can send articles to Topsy via scroll, assist or email to topsy AT ironclaw DOT skotos DOT net ))

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    Please note that there is just over a week left to submit articles, events, news, advertising and other sundry submissions in order to have it printed in the next release of the Calabrian Chronicle.

    (OOC - Submissions due June 1st for the July 1st edition of the paper. Email, scroll or assist with your submissions!)