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*a scarlet-bordered scroll is pinned to the board*

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  • *a scarlet-bordered scroll is pinned to the board*

    *A scroll of the finest parchment has been pinned over a myriad of old notices. The scroll is bordered in a deep, rich scarlet, and a large windmill has been embossed at the top in shimmering gold*

    The Triskellian Trade Embassy of the Mighty Bisclavret are pleased to announce that because of her honorable work as the Trade Ambassador, and all that she has done to promote the trading of the Bisclavret wares through the southern part of Calabria, Baronetess Morven inghean Roibeird MacKenzie has been thusly elevated to the rank of Baroness.

    Along with the highly regarded Baroness, several other members of the Embassy have been noted for their continued work and support of the Bisclavret. Notably, Master Ulliem Mac Giobhainn, a master whaler and well-respected sailor, was elevated to Armigerous Gentry for his successful work with his ship crew on board the Tarmagent.

    Miss Valeria Nix, handmaiden to Baroness Morven, has been brought into the ranks of the Gentry for our Great House, and has also been formally recognised as a Lady in Waiting to Her Ladyship Morven. Miss Valeria has worked tirelessly within the Embassy itself, as well as discreetly handling important matters with a delicate hand.

    Mistress Polgara, a master carpenter and stonemason, is hereby elevated to the rank of Burgher, as well as Master Jayland, a master carpenter. Both have brought great honor to the house because of their attention to detail in their handicraft. In addition, Mister Jardskjalfti was elevated to Yeoman, and we thusly acknowledge his great work as the Chief of Security for the Embassy.

    We wish the best to those members of the Embassy, and hope that they continue to bring such strength to their House.

    *A large, red wax seal has been placed at the bottom of the scroll, with the coat of arms of the Bisclavret embossed centrally upon it*