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Celebratory Ceilidh! Music! Dancing! Feast!

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  • Celebratory Ceilidh! Music! Dancing! Feast!

    Late on Vendredi next, the Mighty Bisclavret shall joyfully celebrate the recent promotions of Mister Jardskjalfti, Master Jayland, Mistress Polgara, Miss Valeria, Master Ulliem, and Baroness Morven. Please come and join us as at the tavern at the corner of Harrowgate Lane and Southern Lane, in Newtown, as we celebrate with a festive ceilidh, in the proper tradition of the Bisclavret. We will dance to the tunes of the finest musicians from Harrowgate, imbibe the best choices from the Bisclavret distilleries, and eat heartily from the renowned Bisclavret kitchens. Come, eat, drink and be merry with us, as we celebrate our promotions, and share our hospitality with all!

    (@ooc 31 August, 6 PM Eastern)
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    ~Lady Morven Adalhard