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The Darkest Night - A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

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  • The Darkest Night - A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

    On the evening of the 30th of the next month, we of the Avoirdupois will be hosting a dinner party murder mystery event.

    While the event is open to all, those who RSVP at least one week prior to the event will be given a role to play at the party.

    Join us as we slip into a new role and try to discover the perpetrator of a scandalous crime of the imagination.

    Please note, this is a formal event and due to the thematic content, children should not attend.

    We look forward to your attendance!

    The Avoirdupois Trade Embassy
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    (OOC - Tuesday, October 30th, 9 pm EST)
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      *Proudly retacked*

      (ooc:Please remember to RSVP! And note that the date is the 30th!)


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        *a passing bespectacled gorilla helpfully shuffles this to the front as it was getting lost in other less time sensitive notices*
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