Greetings, I am Noah Beaumont a recent arrival to the city. I currently work
under Master Lidia Avarsch of Tresses and Treasure
with hopes of becoming the official scribe of the Guild Council.

As I am newly arrived in the city I have need of some things. Most of my belongings were stolen or
damaged on the road here. So you can imagine that I am lacking a number of things.

As is I require contact to be made with the following crafters:
Book Binder

(not really a crafter but a craft)

If those within said professions could please send me a missive I would be most grateful.
Added thanks if you could, as well, send a list of what you are skilled in making.
For the gardener a list of what plants you have that you are willing to part with. I'm
looking to spruce up my room a bit.

Thank you in advance.

Noah Beaumont