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A Tournament of Champions

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  • A Tournament of Champions

    Tournament of Champions

    The Great House of Avoirdupois is proud to announce an upcoming combat tournament.
    It is to be held on the twentieth day of Frost in the evening at the Newtown Arena.
    [November 20 9pm - 11:30pm]

    It is our hope that each great house will submit a champion to compete.
    We are also hoping to see champions from the constabulary and guilds of Triskellian enter.
    There will be a total of eight champions competing for a grand prize and all of the glory!
    Medics will be provided along with heralds unless you wish to provide your own.

    If you are interested in competing, please write to Bess Bounceton. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

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    [retacked at the fore]


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      <Reshuffled to the front by an excited bunny.>


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        It is my honor to announce the results of this Tournament of Champions!
        I wish to thank all participants for fighting with valor and honor.

        The glory goes to Champion Nikona Stonehide on behalf of The Constabulary!
        In second place, Atashi on behalf of Triskellian Crafters.
        In third place, Sir Kaine Blackedge of The Bisclavret.

        A sincere thank you to all of our participants, including:
        Commander Roofus Black on behalf of The Black and MacDubglass Misfit Company.
        Esquire Brenner Prideaux on behalf of The Avoirdupois.
        Sir Matteo Rinaldi on behalf of The Rinaldi.

        The Great House of Avoirdupois would like to extend an additional thank you
        to all who attended and to all who contributed to the prizes.



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