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Yuletide Preparations!

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  • Yuletide Preparations!

    Seasons greetings, everyone!

    The snow falling and chill in the air means winter is here, and we must spread warmth and good cheer! In extending and honoring past traditions, I'm organizing a gift exchange, and seeking helpers and donations. Donations of little items and stories to fill our gift boxes, and helpers to attend and serve good cheer.

    Last year, there were twelve boxes in the east commons, where all could take a small gift, and replace it with one of their own. I'd like to replicate this, as well as have two events with song, festive drinks, gift exchanges, and merriment.

    If you've something you'd like to give as a gift, please write to me, Staci Fisher. I also am looking for helpers to spread cheer- Someone with a festive spirit who could host a little party.

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    Donations are pouring in! Keep your eyes here for new details. Very soon you'll see gifts all around town!

    (ooc: as I'm starting a new job this week, I'm not comfortable setting a sharing event just yet. I'm looking at static sharing location, as well as a party. It might end up being the first week of January!)