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Goodbye everyone!

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  • Goodbye everyone!

    Hello, this is Dallas. I took down my guild post from yesterday because I'm leaving the city.
    Things have gotten too rough for me here, I'm no longer happy. I wish I were. I planned on doing
    so much more for the Docktown that I love and cherish. Sometimes though you
    just have to do what's best for your own mind and heart. So it doesn't tear you down to nothing.

    I'm heading east I think, probably to Portuer du Soieil. Maybe? I'm not sure. Probably though.
    So if you're ever out that way and don't hate me then look me up. I'll treat you to dinner
    or something. Unless I've moved on by then or something. Who knows.

    I hope Docktown and its people grow and prosper in such a way that no one sees coming.
    I hope it becomes the shining beacon that it deserves to be. That its people no longer
    go hungry, that they find work, and they are risen up to bask in their own success.
    I wish many things for my home. Maybe one day I might come back and see how things
    are going but then again maybe not. I'm not wanted here except by the few friends I
    have left. Friends I love dearly. I will see you all either in the future or in the after.

    Good luck to all and Light keep you.

    "Focus on the small, good things in your life. See them
    as little fireflies in the darkness surrounding you. Gather them up and put them in a jar and you'll
    have a nice nightlight to keep the darkness at bay."


    Noah, Adiza, Dru, Tobias
    Once played Mattimeo (Matt), Drosnan, Seened, Patrick

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    Oy doesn't leave! who I will be arguing of forums with when you will be gone! And it was fun talking to you in game!