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The City Watch [Taking Applications]

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  • The City Watch [Taking Applications]

    ~ The City Watch ~

    The proposal for the City Watch has been approved, but we are currently seeking a Commander to lead it.
    I will leave the information below, you may send all applications to me.

    This group would be comprised of volunteers who care for the safety and security of the guilds, not just in Docktown but in all of Triskellian. The City Watch would not be a law-enforcement group. but it would work with the Constabulary to ensure law processes are being followed.

    Purpose: The City Watch will look out for the safety of the people and enforce guild rights.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    * Patrolling Docktown to ensure the main streets are safe for travel.
    * Providing escort to those who do not feel safe traveling alone.
    * Act as mediators during House vs. Guild disputes.
    * Enforce the trade laws that are passed to protect the rights of the guilds
    (Reporting violations to the council, collecting fines from violators).

    The City Watch will NOT be responsible for:
    * Filing crime reports.
    * Arresting wanted criminals.
    (Only constables have this authority. )

    Structure: The group would be led by a council-appointed Commander.

    The Commander would be responsible for recruiting and ensuring that the group fulfills its purpose.
    The Commander is free to organize the group as he or she deems fit, but may be removed from the position by the Council if it is determined that:
    * The Commander is abusing his or her position of power.
    * The Commander takes an unannounced leave of absence.
    * The Commander fails to fulfill the group's aforementioned purpose.

    Only non-House members are permitted to join.
    The Commander will handle the application process as he or she deems appropriate.

    * Free armor and weapon maintenance (to be handled by select guilds)
    * Free medical treatment (to be handled by select guilds)
    * Free uniform pieces should they so wish it.
    * 5% bonus to individuals who successfully collect a fine
    * 100% of any monetary tips that are collected when providing escort or mediation services

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