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Yunoku found dead at Severed Tail

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  • Yunoku found dead at Severed Tail

    It is with great sadness I must inform the citizens of Triskellian that one Yunoku of the far edge of the Phelan was found dead in his bed at the Severed Tail.

    A healer has checked him and found he had recently contracted a flu and had telltale signs of exposure to the harsh winter air.

    A further check found that he was suffering from pneumonia.

    Sadly, an attempt to revive him at the altar proved unsuccessful and he was sent back to his father's farm at Green Rain village for burial.

    ~ Grolf, assistant to the village chieftain of Green Rain.


    Yunoku, for the record, is permanently dead. He has been deleted and the above version of events is declared true, and is to be considered to have been bluebooked in the absence of it actually playing out in game.

    I have taken this action in light of my permanent ban from ironclaw.
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    It was brought to my attention that Yunoku spoke shortly before he expired.

    His last words were, "I wish I could remember who lent me their umbrella...was on my way to return it when I fell ill"

    ~ Grolf