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Winter warmth and festivities!

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  • Winter warmth and festivities!

    Salutations one and all!

    In the spirit of winter hospitality, merriment and joy, I'm pleased to host a night for warm drinks, heaping plates of food, song and fun!
    We'll be giving, and sending out lots of of gifts, so come help us spread cheer.

    Join us at in the main room of Gilded Balance under the full moon. I promise it will be a delight!

    (Friday, Janurary 4th, 3pm Eastern)

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    *shuffled upward*


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      This was a success!
      All who attended, I celebrate your charity and owe you a debt larger than you'll know. And especially to those who so brilliantly gave- Thats Orla, Bjorn, Lamhirh, Claton, Bia, Heather, Jayland, Bess, Allegro, Morven, Charlie, Zander Ralston, Valeria and many more who made the wheels work.

      So bravo to all of you- keep giving with your hearts, and remember that gifts given are treasures- and write your thank you notes!