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    Deardaoin, the sixteenth day of Oak in the year of 900

    Be advised that Lord Baez von Hellewedge, Viscount of the Great House Doloreaux, hereby announces the following good work in philanthropy!

    The establishment of a guild dedicated to philanthropy, created to charitably promote the welfare of others especially by generous donation of resources to good causes.
    The call for partnership, especially amongst Knights and Peerage willing to share their good fortune.
    The call for membership, especially those with interest and experience in paperwork and legal affairs.

    Partnership Roles
    • Benefactor - Anyone who makes a significant one-time donation to the guild
    • Patron - Guild member who contributes significant, ongoing resources to the guild (by invitation only)
    Other Membership Roles
    • Secretary
    • Accountant
    • Event Coordinator
    • Security
    Contact Lord Baez for further discussion of this project.


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    Lord Baez, we congratulate you on your noble and generous change of direction. Please do keep us all posted on further developments, once you have them settled to your liking. We are certain that the entire city is excited about this.

    ~Ambassador and Lady Adalhard

    ~Lady Morven Adalhard