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  • The Modern Crafter, a trade paper

    Dear denizens of this fair city,
    I, Nisha Zamiset Bhar, wish to start up a trade paper entitled 'The Modern Craft.' This will be a monthly paper with articles on various topic appealing to a wide variety of crafters, from blacksmiths to seamstresses, stonemasons to gardeners. What I'm looking from you is any articles you might be interested in writing on a topic related to your craft or crafting in general. Do you have a desire to see your name in print? Do you want to get information out to your fellow crafters on your craft or make your craft interesting to newcomers? Then you've come to the right place! The first trade paper is set to go out on the first of Harvest (ooc: September 1st), so I need about fourteen articles to enter into the paper.
    In addition, if you are interested in reading such a trade paper, the first three editions will be free of charge, though subscriptions will be made in the future should the trade paper prove itself a success in the first three months. While the trade paper will be free of charge, donations will be welcomed to pay for the cost of books. Please write to myself regarding any interest in reading the trade paper, and if you like, include a few ideas for articles that may be written to peak your interest.
    I am looking forward to editing and publishing this trade paper and hope you are, too. The name of the trade paper, for anyone interested in knowing, will be 'The Modern Craft."

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    To all who promised an article,
    I need theose articles in by hhe 15th of this month. Please write to me if you're having difficulty and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, send your article by the 15th so it can be included in the trade paper!



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