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    OOC- I'm not sure if its just the screen size on my laptop but.. Apparently no matter what I do I cant make this any larger.
    I suggest screen zoom.

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      ooc * Holly wow Dahlia. That is very impressive. Good job*

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        OOC-Grr! For some reason this ones even -smaller-. >.> Seriously, I've spent all morning trying different things to make it bigger. Ah well! And thanks for the compliments.
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          Originally posted by Dollface View Post
          OOC-Grr! For some reason this ones even -smaller-. >.> Seriously, I've spent all morning trying different things to make it bigger. Ah well! And thanks for the compliments.
          OOC: There's probably a max height you can have on images you post....
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            OOC: Can someone please type out any information in the graphic? I don't want to miss out on something just because I can't see graphics...thank you


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              OOC: Here you go

              Originally posted by Dollface

              A Triskellian Hallow E'en

              On Jeudi, the thirtieth day of Hunter's in the year of 892, a gathering will be held in the meadow both in remembrance of those lost to us, and in thanks for the bounteous harvest of this years crops.

              Costumes with masks will be required, and anyone who wishes may attend. We are asking that all who do decide to attend to please leave your bags and weapons to home. This is a celebration and we would like to remain such. Unless you are talented in acting, dramatics and tragedy are unwelcome.

              And so, on behalf of Doctor Hush Rose -

              In Celebration of the Wonderful Harvest we bid you Join us in our Revelry! Make Merry with your neighbors!

              And above all enjoy life at every chance, here is such a chance to enjoy!

              OOC: This will take place on Oct. 30th at 3:00pm EST.


              Festivities & Fun

              As well as a general gathering for simple, good Old Fashioned fun, There will also be mud-wrestling matches. Contestants will be paired by gender.

              The female victor will be crowned Harvest Queen, while the male victor will in turn be crowned Harvest King.

              Other activities may or may not be announced at the time of the gathering to decide who shall be crowned.

              We are asking that you write to either; Doctor Hush Rose, or Miss Dahlia Delutche to be added to the roster for the games.

              Come prepared to leave dirty.

              - The Future Belongs to those Few Of us still willing to get Our hands Dirty.
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                *Shifted to the fore for closeness to date*


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                  *Prominently Pinned to the front*

                  This event is being held tomorrow!
                  Be ready! We are still going through with this regardless of recent madness.

                  [OOC- Im tired. Pretend it's all grand with imaginary fanfare.]


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                    All Hail this year’s Harvest King Lord Sabastien
                    And his Harvest Queen Lidia.

                    Both the king and queen had to win the mud wrestling contest after a rousing game of Red Pumpkin, they have earned their crowns.

                    With their wise ruling they have declared this year’s costume contest winners.

                    *Third prize goes to Dame Xena otherwise known as Shamrock the
                    female version of Clover.

                    *Second prize goes to Fyros and his unique Gargoyle mask.
                    *And first prize goes to, drum roll please….Acting Sherriff Zaria for her unique overall costume of a Amazonian princess.

                    On a more serious note there will be a bonfire at the beach for three days with flowers by it. To honor loved ones who passed away feel free to throw a flower in with a prayer.

                    The Amazing Meganame Generator