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  • OOC booboos being forced IC

    Ok, so I'm a bit sloppy.

    Often I forget to unwield my weapon in the presence of a noble and I'm a bit absent minded when it comes to @speak selection and remembering to put my clothes back on after a swim or a bath.

    Now, I've seen others use ooc to convince other players to disregard blunders like that.

    But lately, every time I screw up like that everyone refuses to let me fix what is obviously a goofup and I'm forced to roll with it, and at that point it gets so entrenched that if I continue arguing about it I'd very quickly find a reprimand from a staff member in my inbox for disrupting the RP.

    So I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is the best remedy here just "watch your typing" and not make mistakes like that in the first place?
    2. What are the unwritten rules, if any, on if a minor RP goof can be retconned with a polite @ooc?

    I mean it was honestly a case of me being an absent minded player and forgetting a few things, but everyone jumped my ass a moment ago in the inn lobby and completely *ignored* my retconn, refusing to let me make some minor corrections and forcing me to RP that I had not only accidentally spoken in wolf, but also walked into the room naked (forgot to wear loincloth) and armed with a wielded club. I was shot down hard and got the impression people were angry at me for even trying.

    It bothers me even more because rumor has it I'll soon be facing criminal charges over what started as an honest ooc mistake resulting from me forgetting to type something. I also had a web browser crash interrupt my session so there's a chance something went screwy there and never made it to the server.

    Anyone have advice here?

    I'm not trying to cause trouble here and I'm well aware that what happened is going to stay as it is. I just don't want to have this sort of thing happen again.

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    It depends. If an OOC goof happens repeatedly then for some it can raise the question, "Was it really a goof". For instance, if you go around wielding a weapon all the time and you forget to unwield it while going into new town, sure it can be a goof the first couple of times, but if you repeatedly do that it's perhaps best to just either be more careful or accept it as part of your character that your character doesn't see the problem of that.

    Likewise, for dressing after a swim or bath, there is @undress and @dress. Again if it happens infrequently okay whatever, but if you are constantly needing to be reminded then again perhaps you should role with it.

    Yes it can suck when an ooc blunder results in stuff happening ic, but if you role with it, it can result in interesting story. I'm not saying it has to happen everytime. I've made the clothing blunder myself recently and a polite ooc reminder was all it took for me to have my character dash to her room to fix the problem. But I would also fully expect if I repeatedly made the mistake that it might be best to just let ic things happen because of it.


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      ----He said Wha!----
      @ speak blablahblah-ladeeblah <--- honestly I see this happen constantly I don't think there's a reason to get grumpy with someone because they mutter something in another language so I don't know what brand of bug is up someones butt when fussing at you oocly about a language but I say eventually it will die and they'll get over it
      ----For a Magical nudist, he sure has alot of pie---

      @ dress >.> even if you tear stuff off in the heat of a wicked pie eatning contest forgetting to dress is going to get called out in character. Maybe someone now and then doesn't make sense to have walking around naked. Lets face it if Ximen was preaching from the dias wearing nothing but his finger amulet and a sneer , I doubt he would have done it on purpose (probably?)

      But in like 14 years Ive seen everyone at some point make this mistake (maybe not everyone but tons) and its always a OOps, laugh and they rush off or iits (ooc omg Im wearing a ribbon) and then run away.

      I think it may be a good idea to just make @dress a end of swim/play/pie time and hope for the best.

      ----Is that a spear or are you just happy to see me ------
      Im constantly catching myself sheathing my swords well after I hit Newtown, personally. I think the matter of having a weapon out at all in an area where there could be the fancy-pantses is sort of one of those things people forget about. weapon in hand= threat, brandished or not. There are some situations where I think it should be a little more ignored and thats people who use these larger weapons that (seriously) could not actually be worn. The long hafted axes for instance, glaive, staff-weapons (I suppose) and lances and the like.

      That said , Weapons that can easily be sheathed or put into weapon straps or dropped in bags on your person and sort of more of a no excuse situation. I have a dagger in my hand standing five feet from a Baron, I walked into the tea house brandishing a longsword and interrupted a ladies tea, im walking around with a truncheon in my hand and the guard will be eyeballing me for days.

      ----And poof goes the darkness----

      If your playing a crimmy, or committing a crime/assault etc whatever. and you get knocked off...That's roleplay interuptus and by know means does it imply "they escaped". (If you roleplay the crime, roleplay the time?). said player who fell offline needs to make arrangements with the short arm of the spoons to have a renewed chase scene, hunt scene, arrest , etc . Otherwise yeah I can see things being suffered IC.
      ------------Love and cuddles and stuffs--------
      Just my 3 rupees

      Make roleplay not snore! <3<3<3<3<3<3