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  • This is the end!

    I just wanted to toss out an official good bye. I have barely been playing Antonia for months and not at all the last several weeks. The break and getting some distance to her has shown me that Antonia's story is over and there's nothing more to come after.
    I am not enjoying playing with her, she has no purpose left, and with how the game memory is, as long as she's seen there will never be any recovery from the past (thank you to Topsy for reminding me of that truth and helping me clear my mind).

    I stayed around to play Antonia's complete destruction. She was broken, she was destroyed, she lost everything. Rank, house, friends, family, purpose, husband and what not. She was humiliated and hated, she was the favourite bad guy of everyone. Slowly she started to rebuild and succeeded, a bit. But it's been hard, and now, it's just not worth it. Because I know as long as she's around, that past will haunt her no matter what she does.

    It's been an interesting journey. It's been hard, and there's been some amazing character development for Antonia. But I have reached the dead-end and there's nothing left.

    Thank you to everyone who had those intense deep cool RP scenes with me as Annie. I loved the intensity, I loved how she changed, grew, become stronger, went through all that hardship. So thank you for that. Thank you to everyone who contributed to some very cool and memorable RP.

    In particular thank you to:
    Chesh (for being grumpy cat, and the awesome scenes of slowly building trust and friendship)
    Uxio (for being a beloved that saved her)
    Thais (for being so sweet)
    Drea (for her complete devotion)
    Valdus (for his cuteness and blushes)
    Virendra (for the cool scenes of the two first hating and then making up and building trust again)
    Ruggero (for being so lostly in love)
    Kaylie (for being fun)
    Valentinus (for being that evil cousin)
    And a bunch of people I have forgotten. And so much fun over the years also.

    Take care, and thank you
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