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  • Something personal.

    I dont really get into sharing a lot but I think, as the shock wears off, that we all have that person in our lives who live alone and we don't contact them as often as maybe we should. We dont check in, or make sure they're fine. Its slips our minds as we skitter about our daily tasks and chase our dreams. We forget about that person who gladly answers his or her phone when we call. They would give you the shirt off their backs and , though you love them and care about how they are, you just forget to wonder.

    Recently my uncle was out in his garage working and there was a mishap with a jack. In no way was anyone to blame and there's really nothing anyone could have done even if there had been someone there, beyond calling for an ambulance, fire, etc.

    I guess this is just my way of dealing with it as I wait for my boyfriend to come get me.

    Call that person you're thinking of, go see them, eat dinner or take them out, anything. Because that could be the last time you have that chance.

    Sorry for sharing the weepiness, I adore all of you, cuz yer my muffins.

    Story Plotter Eris

    Make Role-play...Not snore.
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    I am truly sorry for your loss, Eris. I'm sure I speak for a good number of people when I say we are here for you.

    Much love,
    Kilana's player.


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      You and your family have my most sincere condolences. If you ever need someone to vent to, you are welcome to message me.