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  • Absence

    Hi there,

    I know a lot of the newbies don't really know me, so this one's for the oldies who do.

    It was great being able to chat to you guys, albeit briefly, and while I would love to poke my nose in and stick my fingers in the honey, I'm a very busy person now. Hopefully I'll be able to pop in now and again, but alas, that's not up to me (it is, but shh).

    Mebbe some day I could give you guys some more time and effort, have Zee delve into the politics going on, perhaps even vie for Sheriff again! Who knows?

    Until then,
    *steals* Happy Trails!

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    It was great to catch you, even if briefly. Hopefully we'll soon get the chance to do so again
    Have fun in the real world!
    Dame Dasha di Silvi

    Brigadier of the Royal Rinaldi Army.

    Founder of di Silvi Academy