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    This was no where at all where I wanted or expected this conversation to go. This forum post was not supposed to turn into a direct attack of our Staff, the ONLY people we have running this game still.
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      Actually Roo I appreciate you giving your side of the issue in question, presumably on behalf of the game staff as well as yourself.

      If I was mistaken about the intention I apologize. I was a bundle of nerves at the time, and sharing the adrenaline rush of my character didn't leave me with much patience before I panicked and took matters into my own hands. I was assuming that staff could have retconned it, and I was unaware that I was actually sealing my own fate in stone. The way I was approached after staff finally contacted me gave me the impression that I was supposed to have done exactly what I did, namely roll with it and follow through with the IC consequences.

      Had I known then, what you just now posted, I would probably have, knowing the death was due to a bug, immediately filed an assist, discretely stashed the body in my private closet at the gilded balance, and waited for further instructions from backstage, using the OOC tools to warn any potential witnesses that a bug was involved.

      I will confess that, in light of your response, a lot of it was due simply to my own ignorance about how things are supposed to run. Being a former guest staffer (who was rightly dismissed for reasons I'm not at liberty to discuss for multiple reasons) may well have impaired my humility to the point of being presumptuous.



      That said, however, I still am of the strong opinion that QA and testing doesn't get as much attention as it should.

      Some examples:

      Getting emits from the ooc tower following me even after staff put me back IG.
      Getting stuck in combat with an NPC that had no combat data, thus requiring me to log out to break the combat
      Miscellaneous OOPS messages

      I mean...speaking as a player, running into that stuff is really annoying. Not to say staff are doing a bad job, but I think priority should change in favor of attending to such issues.
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        I am late to this party but this has been a problem I've had for a long time and has led me to just stop bothering. This problem was the ranking up system through @favor.

        I was active for a very long time and participated in countless events, important plots both staff and player made, social gatherings, ect. I always put myself out there via RP and tried very hard not to exclude anyone. My goal was to gradually earn my way up the ranks and become a proper head of the Church. At some point we obtained 5 or so promotion tokens and I guess I should have used them on myself instead of thinking "no, I'll leave them and use them for something unselfish", because one day when I logged in during a time my logins had been sporadic due to real life issues and they were all gone, split between the current Church leader and a newbie. I think that was the final straw and I stopped caring. It seemed like nothing I did made any sort of impact on my character. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all of the RP and events and interaction, but I felt cheated out of rank progression for zero reason. I strongly felt Noire deserved SOMETHING for everything she has done.

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          I'm only speaking on indirect hearsay that I picked up from others, but one thing that aggravated a few people were the changing methods of getting influence and rank in the past. Some people confided to me that they were pissed off at being cheated out of the rewards of their effort.