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    Just for some clarfication...

    As you all know by now Captain Maddy and the crew had this huge adventure planned for this coming Sunday.
    Originally we were planning to have a huge mix of plots involving slaves, the witch from a previous plot and some trading.
    Due to lack of information, and other reasons, the trip WILL be happening, but not as fun as everyone had planned. I'm truly sorry to all of those who wanted so grand scale adventure. This was my first shot a plot by myself. We have a lack of staff, and the staff we do have can't really focus on plots right now (as they've previously posted for us ) , and I didn't quite have the help I needed to pull this off. (Plots are not as easy as I thought).

    Now, with that out of the way. We ARE still setting sail Sunday, times are in the first post in the IC forum. I hope that you all will still come and have fun being locked up with Maddog Maddy. I believe that with the mixture of character/players we have involved we can still have a huge blast with this! thank you to all who did try to help pull this off!
    Madalina Blue and Saruno

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    I had a blast last night! Thanks to everyone who was involved and double thanks for rolling with the punches brought along by all that terrible @roll luck!

    We will be back again tonight around 9 pm est for some trading, politics and negotiation! Less about luck of the roll this time lol!



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      Thanks for running it all, it was a huge blast and lots of fun! Plus, it was all the bad rolls that made it fun- after all if everything goes as planned and with good luck it wouldn't be as fun!


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        Thank you guys so much! Staff, thank you for the hard word, for such a great outcome, and dealing with me for the last few months! thank you to the players who became involved and made this so awesome. I'm sorry I was a little outta it for the final day or so of the plot, I became awfully ill (post-exam anxieties I guess). Love you guys!
        Madalina Blue and Saruno